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Who Is Jules LeBlanc Dating? The Youtuber’s Personal Life

Jules LeBlanc is an actor, singer, gymnast with over 150 million mobile app downloads. She has made appearances on several popular television shows. To date, she’s done modeling work for magazines and commercials.

She stars as Rhyme in the family show Chicken Girls on Brat with her friends, starred in YouTube Brat show A Girl Named Jo performing the part of Jo Chambers, and also completed Rhyme in Chicken Girls: The Movie. Prior to last year, Jules went by her nickname “Annie.” However, she is now using her real name of Jules LeBlanc. She said that she no longer wanted to use a nickname instead stating: “I want people to know who I am as a person and not just some girl called Annie.”

Leblanc portrays Lex in Nickelodeon’s comedy series Side Hustle, which follows the lives of two friends who work side hustles to make money. From 2010 to 2019 she starred on the Bratayley family vlog as her YouTube channel grew into popularity.
In 2016 and 2018 she appeared on the YouTube Red Originals series.

Who is Jules LeBlanc dating? Her first boyfriend was a man she met in college. Jules LeBlanc, the Ordinary Girl.

The two were pictured together at an event where they both sang “Little Do You Know,” a song that was shared by one of their Instagram accounts and earned more than 60 million views. They were friends before becoming a couple.

Jules LeBlanc (Annie LeBlanc At The Time) Dating History And Her Tragic Breakups

But in 2018, they both realized that they were just two teenagers with the blood rush in their veins. They both wanted to save their friendship, opting not to place a label on it before figuring out if there was any substance. Hopefully, they both understood this at the right time. They both still remain friends, and their friendship survived. Jules LeBlanc Dating

And after a year, love crosses Jules’ way again. In 2019 she started dating an actor Ashar Angle. The couple has been on Instagram since they announced that they are together in 2020 and their followers have dubbed them with the cute nickname of Ashannie. They are two teenagers who love each other, like fire from fairground rides – fast Jules and Asher dated and broke up in 2020.

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What Jules And Asher’s Breakup Ugly?

Though Jules claims there are no hard feelings between them, Asher criticized her on social media. Jules has been very vocal about her breakup on social media.

She briefly mentioned the post that claimed Jules cheated on Asher. She said she had no idea who posted it, and that it was wrong for Asher’s mother to upload a private conversation between them. Jules wasn’t blaming anyone about the matter when she was asked for her opinion. She kept on saying that it wasn’t anyone’s fault, and especially not Asher’s.

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