Kelly Loeffler Quarantined After The Inconclusive Report Of Covid-19 Tests

US Senator Kelly Loeffler she is quarantining after she receiving a mixed result foe the coronavirus test, it was just the day after she had campaigned with Vice President Mike Pence and the senator David Perdue in the states senate race.

As per the news the Georgia Republican had done two rapid Covid 19 test on Friday that hit back again negative, as per the spokesperson for her campaign a word on Saturday night.

She received the test results on Friday evening and that showed that the results were again positive. And when she was again tested on Saturday, she tested inconclusive.

But as per her campaign they say she has no sign of the symptoms, Loeffler is following the CDC guidelines and also making a note to people she came in contact with as per the statement.

We saw that she came in contact in a campaign event with Pence and Perdue in Georgia on Friday. And she was also part of several rallies that took place in the recent weeks that were power packed with people and some close audience that were not even wearing the mask.

She is part of the Democrat Raphael Warnock which is one of the two races and she will also feature in the other race Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff, where winning 50 Senate seats as per the new congress, Republican just need a single more to win the race.

With just a little in the month till the runoff election and the candidates campaigning, and was unknown as to what results it will cause on the Loeffler’s after getting the test done and on her campaign.

As Warnock tweeted Saturday night that he was praying that her result will come back in the negative.

As per the news the two staff members of Loeffler were tested Positive for the virus just the last month, but in time the test done for her showed negative results, as per the statement given from her office.



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