Caylee Anthony Cause Of Death: Where Were Her Body Parts Found?

Caylee Anthony Cause Of Death: Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies, a new controversial docuseries from Peacock, tells the story of how 2-year-old Caylee Anthony died in a mysterious way from the point of view of her mother, Casey Anthony.

In the docuseries, Casey, who was once accused of killing her daughter but was found not guilty by a jury in 2011, says that her abusive father, George, was really the one who killed Caylee. (George hasn’t said anything about the charges yet.) This is the first time Casey has talked on camera about her daughter’s death and her trial. “The day I lost her, I lost everything,” Casey says in the documentary series.

What happened to Caylee Anthony?

Unpacking Casey Anthony's Acquittal in the Death of Daughter Caylee - E! Online

We still don’t know all of the facts. During Casey‘s trial, prosecutors said that she gave her daughter chloroform and suffocated her by putting duct tape over her mouth and nose, according to CNN. On the other hand, Casey‘s defense team said that Caylee drowned by accident in the family pool and that her grandfather got rid of her body.

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Notably, CNN later talked to the medical examiner, who said that when Caylee‘s body was found, “duct tape was still on the face.” Dr. Jan Garavaglia, a retired chief medical officer for Orange and Osceola counties, said, “When I look back ten years, I was most appalled by the lack of truth and the lack of facts.” “You could just lie without any proof, and it was okay.

Where Were Her Body Parts Found?

In December 2008, Caylee’s skull and bones were found in a forest near where George and Cindy lived. The lip was sealed with duct tape that had a faint heart-shaped mark on it. The body parts were in two trash bags with clothes for kids, a Winnie the Pooh blanket, and a pull-up diaper.

In Casey Anthony‘s controversial trial, the prosecution said that she killed Caylee by duct-taping her mouth and nose after putting her to sleep with chloroform. They said she did this to get out of being a parent. They also said that Casey put the body of a two-year-old in a trunk and kept it there for a few days before dumping it in the woods.

After Caylee Anthony drowned in the family pool, the defense said that the accused’s father got rid of her body. The report said that the hair in Anthony’s car trunk was “microscopically similar” to the hair on Caylee’s hairbrush, but it couldn’t prove that it belonged to the victim.

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