Where Is Casey Anthony Now

Where Is Casey Anthony Now? What She Up After The Death Of Her Daughter

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After the disappearance and death of Casey Anthony’s daughter, Caylee Anthony, in 2008, she has tried to lead a normal life.

Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her two-year-old daughter during a nationally televised trial held in 2011. Check out the following coverage to learn more about what Anthony is up to today.

Where Is Casey Anthony Today?

In March 2020, the author and a news website confirmed that Casey is publishing a new book.

Casey has already completed three chapters of the book. She knows that no matter what she does, there will be criticism but feels she has a story that needs to be told. Nobody can ever truly understand how it feels to live in my shoes.

What Does Casey Do?

On top of her research job, Anthony created a Twitter account for her case photography LLC, but it was taken down this year.

Anthony launched her own private investigation company in Florida in late December 2020. Paperwork was filed with the Florida Division of Corporation under Casey Anthony’s name on December 14, according to documents obtained by The Daily Mail.

Casey Anthony does not want to investigate the death of her two-year-old daughter Caylee, which happened in 2008, said a source who spoke anonymously with People last January. Tampa, Florida-based company Casey Anthony’s Closet isn’t run by Caylee Anthony’s mother.

Anthony wants to help others who are wrongfully accused.

She’s making a movie about her life.

In June 2019, Anthony announced she was working on a film about her life after the death of Caylee. Yes, I drank and carried on as nothing happened. The movie is called As I Was Told because for over two years I did what I was told to do by my parents and law enforcement.

You can’t help but expect to see the personality change she goes through in the movie Daily Mail. The movie, however, hasn’t really gotten off the ground.

Casey Is Dating And Partying Again.

Anthony tried to stay out of the public eye for years after her daughter’s death, but she recently reemerged. Casey was last seen in September 2008.

She disappeared soon after the death of her daughter Caylee, and she has not been found since.

In 2010, a woman resembling Casey Anthony appeared to be partying at The Colours nightclub in Orlando while DJs played her songs.

Although she is trying to date once again, Anthony has not yet found someone serious enough for her. Anthony began dating a man two years ago but it didn’t work out; the source shared that this was not what Anthony wanted at the moment.

Casey wants more kids.

‘For a long time, I said no way’ said a third source who told People in October 2018. But the passage of time has changed her perspective and she is now open to having more children.

“I know she’s a mom. But since she had one child and then lost the other, that thought alone makes me worried.”
George Anthony said of his daughter.

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Casey’s Case Still Haunts Some Jurors.

One of the male jurors spoke out on May 20, 2021, about how his decision to acquit Anthony still impacted him one decade later. I don’t think if I were to do it over again, I would persuade other people as strenuously for an acquittal,” he told People.”
Anything else you can think of? She has been in hiding since her trial.

Where Does Casey Live?

Anthony was living with McKenna, her lead investigator on the 2011 trial for the death of her daughter. Simpson case, the former NFL star who was charged and later acquitted in the murder of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson.

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