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People agree that The Hunter: Call of the Wild is one of the most relaxing games you can play on a console. If you ignore the hunting part, it’s a beautiful sandbox you can hike through for hours. So, fishing seems like the perfect topic for a spiritual successor, and here it is in all its glory: Call of the Wild: The Angler.

Technically, this hasn’t been confirmed for consoles yet, but the game’s developer, Expansive Worlds, says they will come out after the PC version. The trailer for the game, which you can watch above, looks really cool, though. In the game, you head out into the woods with your fishing rod and see what you can catch. “Ride the open water and look for the best fishing spot in a vast, atmospheric world.”

The press release says that you’ll be able to play by yourself or with up to 12 other people online. If you’ll excuse the pun, we can see this catching on. The hunting aspect of the last release was never going to appeal to everyone, but fishing is usually less controversial as a whole. We’ll keep you informed about when the PlayStation might come out.

How Is The Game Environment?

The world, which seems to be based on North America based on some of the sights, signs, and the slow drawl of the trailer’s narrator, can be explored by boat, off-road vehicles, or on foot as you look for rivers, lakes, and hidden ponds to fish in. Co-op will be drop-in/drop-out, and up to 12 people can play at once.

Expansive Worlds is famous for making worlds that are, well, big. In his review of The Hunter from 2017, Andy Kelly said: “This is one of the most realistic PC recreations of nature I’ve seen. With leaves swaying in the wind, pollen floating through the air, and realistic lighting and shadows thanks to the engine’s global illumination tech, the autumn forests look and feel very real. The sounds are also great, from the dry leaves crunching under your feet to the soft chirping of birds.”

Call Of The Wild The Angler Release Date

Call of the Wild: The Angler will try to get you to buy it when it comes out later in 2022 on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store. It will come out on consoles later on.

Call Of The Wild: The Angler | Official Reveal Trailer

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