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How Much the Stars of ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Are Worth It’s More Than You Expect

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The family on Alaskan Bush People may live a simplistic lifestyle, but that doesn’t t mean they aren’t making money. According to the Sun, the Brown family s net worth is $60 million.

Alaskan Bush People’s patriarch Billy Brown was rumored to be worth $6 million before his death at the age of 61 on February 7, 2021. While it is unclear how much a typical child earns for appearing in “Alaskan Bush People” show, Brown’s children earn around $3-5 thousand each per episode—adding 40-

The Late Star shared seven children with his wife, Ami Brown: Noah, Snowbird, Rain, Joshua, Bear / Gabriel, and Matthew.

One of the show’s stars, Billy died shortly after filming finished. He was 68.
Billy published more than 50 books during his lifetime and many became bestsellers.

Even though the family was living in Los Angeles for a few months following mom Ami’s diagnosis, she and dad Billy’s love of nature-inspired them to purchase nearly 500 acres of land. Fans were puzzled after Billy purchased the remote property for $415,000.

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Fans of the TV show Alaskan Bush People wish that Discovery would stop portraying people in poor light, but one fan tweeted, “@Discovery you have great shows, but I wish you’d stop playing the people as poor…”

Unfortunately, wealth only means more obligations. In 2016, Billy and their son Joshua, a.k.a Bam Bam was sentenced to 30 days in jail for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the state of Alaska. The three-part series Alaskan Bush People claimed to depict the lives of a family living in Alaska.

The family was ordered to pay back $22,000 in fines – which is a small dent for families with a net worth of over $14 million.

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