Still Together? Find Out Where These ‘Catfish’ Couples Are Now!

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MTV’s documentary show Catfish has plenty of crazy characters and tragic stories, but it also features notable success stories.

However, there are a few couples who decided to stay together anyway long after their episode ended, prompting us to wonder if any of those success stories are still together today. After all, surely there must be one couple who managed to walk down the aisle.

Eh, Not So Much. Season 1’s Derek and Lauren were the first Catfish couple to get engaged on the show, prompting hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph to brag on their Twitter feeds about the potential first Catfish wedding.

Unfortunately, Derek and Lauren never made it down the aisle when they separated in 2014.

But a lot has changed since the show aired in 2014. After spending six seasons together with Jenna as the ultimate investigative duo, Max left the show to pursue his career as a filmmaker.

Hey, guys! As you know, I’ve been working on Catfish for the last seven years. It’s been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life; and it has made me realize a lot about myself, America in general and human nature. Nev and Max have become close friends over the last 16 years they’ve been roommates, but now that Nev has a girlfriend, Max admits his feelings are changing.

I’ve been very lucky to have had the chance to be a TV host and filmmaker. Catfish has been going strong for 7 seasons, 115 episodes, 31 specials and I’m not slowing down. But now it’s time for me to make my exit After spending six wonderful years with Nev, I am excited to embark on a new phase of my life and to share it with all of you. Thank you for the viewership and love.catfish couple

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Nev continued to film the following episodes with celebrity guest hosts until they found Max’s permanent replacement, Kamie Crawford. The former Miss Teen USA 2010 made her official debut as co-host of the show in 2020 for season 8.
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In January 2019, Nev opened up about the things he misses most about working with Max. He said one thing we’ll always miss is her sense of humor. Whenever she delivered a great joke or perfect pun, we would laugh so hard. We both had a love for Phil Collins. And just to be able to, you know what it is? It’ll be a very similar series of references. I can reference things and Max will always know exactly what I m talking about when sometimes no one else will.

Even though Max is no longer a part of the show, he will always be an important part of the legacy. And when it comes to love stories, there have been plenty who found happiness after appearing on the show. See the following gallery to see which catfish couples are still together, and which ones called it quits.

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