Teen Mom 2 Ashley Jones Temporarily Deactivates Instagram

Teen Mom 2 Ashley Jones Temporarily Deactivates Instagram

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MTV star Ashley Jones deactivated her Instagram account amid backlash from the reunion show.

During the special which aired on Tuesday, August 3rd (2018), Ashley, 24, opened up about her experience dealing with hateful comments stemming from her being announced to be Chelsea Houska’s replacement on the show.

After discussing her privileged upbringing on the special, the Young & Pregnant alum took to Twitter to slam critics who mocked her claims about growing up in a wealthy family.

“This” wealth Ashley spoke of “must be on her daddy side” because we haven’t seen it and an all-white school doesn’t equal wealth, one social media user tweeted post-reunion on Wednesday.

“I was brought up by my grandparents, but the owner of Aries Beauty Studio clapped back at another naysayer in a separate tweet. What people don’t know about is that my grandpa is in the Educational Hall of Fame and my grandma was the first African-American woman to work in major league sports.” I recognize that I was raised in an affluent environment.

The first example is unnecessary given the context of the entire story.

In a series of tweets and Instagram posts, Ash doubled down on her assertion that the reunion was dismissive to voices of color.

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Now my daughter knows that actions and personality traits make a person, not skin color.

Amid the backlash Teen Mom 2 star, Ashley Jones has addressed her decision to join MTV’s reunion show.

Chelsea was the original Teen Mom, and Ashley says she doesn’t want to replace her. “Chelsea is irreplaceable, and I’m just honored to be a part of something.

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