My Super Sweet 16

Where the Rich Teens From ‘My Super Sweet 16’ Are Now?

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“Remember My Super Sweet 16? The show, which chronicled the lavish and expensive parties of super-rich kids, was both loved and hated.

On one hand, the series showcased some pretty impressive parties, on the other, it glamorized spoiled and bratty behavior by showing whiney teens demanding an expensive car in a different Given the show’s prominence on television, many viewers are curious about what happened to those teenagers after they went up before the cameras.

My Super Sweet 16

When TV shows like My Super Sweet 16 first aired in 2005, it was an instant hit. The idea that some teenagers would throw themselves extravagant parties that cost up to $100,000 shocked Americans and gained much criticism but the show was popular regardless the show ran for seven seasons, with each show getting increasingly more over-the-top.

She received so much backlash for her behavior on the show that she had to flee to England.My Super Sweet 16

I just wanted to move away from Florida. I needed the whole country of space between us,” she said in 2011. “I knew a few things were put into play, like producers egging on my drama.”

While some of the memorable reality show contestants have drifted away from the spotlight, others are still in with enough fame to still capitalize on their 15 minutes.

Reality stars’ salaries are detailed by The Bachelor season 13 runner-up Jason Tartick in a new interview.

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