Essay Writing Services: How To Make The First Order?

Essay writing is not a cup of tea for many students. It’s a pain in the neck (so to speak). But students have always found ways to make the pain go away. One of these ways has been to hire essay writing services. These services can be really helpful if you need an essay written professionally and quickly. They offer their services at a fee. That means you have to part with your hard-earned money. But do you know how to go about the process of ordering an essay from any of these services? Is the process simple enough? What are you supposed to look for before you make an order? Let’s find the answers.

The ordering Process

Many reliable UK essay writing services often have a smooth process that anyone can easily understand. However, we recommend reading through the company’s order page to find out all the details needed to make a successful order. Sometimes you’ll notice that the ordering page includes different levels of education and you’ll have to pick what level your paper should be (high school, college, master’s, or Ph.D.). So here’s how most processes go;

  • Choose the type of work you want the service to do for you – it could be an essay, dissertation, research paper, or something else.
  • Specify the number of pages or words you need the paper to be. Choose a deadline or any other information specified.
  • Share the details of your essay assignment. Here, you should send the service the details provided by your professor or how you need the essay written. Remember different papers have different instructions and unless these details reflect what your teacher wants, otherwise, the service may not deliver a good paper.
  • Some services will allow you to choose the writer that you want to handle your paper. Often there is a list of writers with credentials displayed. Based on what you see, you can pick a writer to handle your article. However, some services don’t have this option and they will often give it to the writer they deem fit for the job.
  • If a service allows you to choose a writer, sometimes they allow you to communicate with your writer during the project. This increases the confidence you have in the service and ensures the work flows smoothly.
  • Hit the “order now” button.
  • Wait for the writer to finish the work. Depending on the nature of the paper and the deadline you provided, your paper should be done and sent to you successfully.
  • Once your paper is handed to you, you will have a few days to go through it and consult the service in case you need any revisions. Most of the time revisions are done for free and you are not required to pay any extra charges. We recommend reading through the company’s revision policy to find out what you can expect before you decide to hire their services.
  • Enjoy your professionally done paper and better grades.

Note that while many services will follow this template, some might differ slightly in composition and structure. Also, remember that different services work in different jurisdictions, and the services and terms will be subject to their respective jurisdictions. If you choose UK essay writing services, you will be subjected to UK jurisdiction and the terms may reflect that.

How to Choose a Good Essay Writing Service

Even though the ordering process may be pretty universal across many services, not all services can give you what you want; in other words, some will take your money and not deliver what you expect. For this reason, there are a few things that you need to look out for before you make the first purchase. They include:

  • The number of subjects they can handle. A good service with enough professionals should be able to handle a lot of subjects. After all, essays are written across multiple subjects. A good service should list the number of subjects they cover.
  • Check out the type of essays they provide. Not everyone can handle all types of essays unless they are a top company and have the right number of professionals. Some essays like dissertations require a high level of understanding. Go for a service that demonstrates a high level of mastery in all types of essays. Check out their writers and what they claim to offer.
  • A good customer service. A 24/7 customer service is non-negotiable for any service that wishes to offer top essay writing services. This is because you will need help especially when you are stuck in the ordering process. Quick answers can make the process smoother.
  • Check out for guarantees. Typically, a service should guarantee a refund if things don’t turn out the way you hoped they would. You should get your hard-earned cash back without delays. Also, check out for revision guarantees.
  • Discounts. Discounts make a service attractive and increase the confidence of the buyer. Not every service can live with discounts, but a good service should provide some.
  • High-quality and plagiarism-free work. Unless a service can guarantee these two, then they don’t deserve a penny from you. Before you order the essay, ensure the company has the tools to deliver what you want.


Ordering an essay from an essay writing service should take about five minutes or less. If you get stuck, contact customer support and finish your order. However, before you make that first order, go through the checklist for a good service first.

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