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Why Her Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far

Why Her is a South Korean television series that is still in its first season. The series is classified as a mystery, melodrama, legal drama, and romance. Park Soo-jin directed the film, and Kim Ji-Eun wrote it. The first season consists of 16 episodes, and four seasons have already aired.

The final episode of the first season will air on July 23, 2022. With the season finale episode coming up next month, fans are wondering when the series will return for season 2 of Why Her. With an IMDB rating of 8.2, the series has a high chance of being renewed for a second season.

Why Her Season 2 Release Date

There is no word on when the second season of Why Her will be released. It appears that an announcement will be made soon. Why Her 2nd season will most likely be released in 2023.

Why Her Season 2 Cast?

If Why Her gets a second season, we can expect all the main characters to be there. Jun Ji-Hyun, Hwang In-Yeop, Hyeon-jin Seo, Cha Cheong-Hwa, and Bae In-Hyuk will be on the show. Bae In-Hyuk, Lee Joo-woo, Lee Jin Hyuk, and Dal-hwan Jo are among the people who have been in other shows. In the second season, we should also see some new faces.

Why Her Season 2 Synopsis?

A romantic drama about Oh Soo-Jae, a self-righteous lawyer who is driven by her desire to win cases and is talented enough to become the firm’s youngest partner. However, due to an unexpected case, she is demoted to work as a law school professor.

Why Her Season 2 Renewed or canceled?

SBS TV has yet to announce the renewal status of Why Her season 2, but there are rumors that the show may not be renewed for a second season. Several factors, including declining ratings, creative differences between producers and cast, and backlash from offended fans, could lead to the show’s cancellation.

More Information On Why Her

Park Soo-jin directs the series, and Kim Ji-Eun writes it. The series was created by Studio S and Viu. The show’s executive producer is SBS’s Park Young-soo. Each episode lasts approximately 70 minutes. The production companies involved are Studio S and VO Media.

The number of viewers per episode for each episode is as follows:

  • 1.063 million for the first episode
  • 1.131 million for the second episode
  • 1.533 million for the third episode
  • 1.801 million for the fourth episode

The number of viewers for the series grows with each episode. This positive growth is undoubtedly beneficial to the show. There has been no confirmation of Why Her season 2 as of this writing. However, if the show is approved, we can expect the performance next year. Once the official confirmation is received, we will update this section. Enjoy the current season and see if the thrills last until the last episode!

Why Her Season 1 Trailer

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