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Where is Gambling legal in the US?

Gambling has been restricted in the US for a long time, but recent laws have triggered a surge of online gambling enthusiasm. Several states now have sportsbook apps active and eager fans have bet enough to generate millions in revenue. This huge uptick in revenue has boosted local economies and made online gambling a key industry of 2022. But why are so many gambling laws being passed now? And which states have legal gambling?

There used to be a law called PAPSA that prohibited online gambling in the US up until 2018. Sports betting in particular was only allowed in Las Vegas, and online casinos could not be a thing. The 2018 vote saw the Supreme Court repeal the prohibition, allowing for individual states to start voting on their own gambling and sports betting laws.

With the 50 states having so many different populations, politics, and priorities, the legalization process has gone very differently. Some only approved sports betting laws, some went right into legalizing all forms of online gambling, others have had their measures rejected by federal judges due to conflicts with laws regarding Native American tribes, and Utah is saying no to any gambling.

Where Gambling Is Allowed And Which Types

With so many states happily allowing gambling, the list of ones that don’t is shorter. Every state but Utah has the lottery in some form. The following states have not passed any laws regarding online gambling or sports betting: Alaska, Idaho, California, Utah, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. While some might be in the process of passing these laws, gambling is still not legal at this time.

Further complicating matters is that sports betting can be legalized separate from online casinos. That’s how it is in New York, where lawmakers are against online casinos but just approved sports betting for January 2022. California is in its own predicament due to the federal law regarding tribal casinos. The tribes that own casinos in California have certain rights to the land, which clashes with the act of bringing sports betting to apps all over the state.

The Success Story Of Online Gambling

States like Arizona and Pennsylvania have already made millions a month through sports betting and online casino revenue. This has led to the casino companies investing in these states in ways they usually reserve for bigger locations like Vegas or NYC. Caesars casino recently made a big deal for exclusive sports betting perks with the Buffalo Bills. Smaller versions of this historic deal can be seen with Detroit and BetMGM Casino PA. The casinos are offering special VIP programs to early users of the apps, hoping to turn them into long-term users. Such actions should help sports betting become more than a fad industry.

People have always enjoyed gambling and sports wagers, but keeping the games restricted to casinos limited who could participate. Legalizing online gambling paves the way for apps that bring gambling to every corner of the country. As everyone has known for the past 10 years, smartphone apps are convenient parts of our everyday lives. We already use them to bank, order food, and check the news, so we’re constantly on them all the time. By having gambling there too, it makes it easier to frequently go on and drop a few bucks on small bets. This does a lot to ease the hesitation people might feel about entering a casino and throwing down too much money in one night. And as more states legalize online gambling and bring in new users, the industry will only continue to grow and generate revenue for the whole country.

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