Who Is The Colossal Titan In Attack On Titan?

We are introduced to the Colossal Titan in the very first episode of Attack on Titan. This colossal creature stands 60 meters tall, far bigger than most of the previous titans in the series.

Apart from its enormous size, the Colossal Titan has special powers based on the quantity of heat and energy generated during transformation. In certain situations, the Titan manipulates this to generate a big explosion; in others, the heat emitted is employed to discourage opponents from approaching.

As the story progresses, we discover more about how titans are formed and who controls them.

Throughout Attack on Titan, numerous characters possess the Colossal Titan’s strength. We shall discuss who they are and how they obtained their power in this essay. However, caution is advised since this material contains some programs and manga spoilers.

Bertoldt Hoover

When we first meet Bertoldt Hoover, he is a recently graduated training corps member who has been living behind the gates of Paradis Island, pursuing his aim of joining the military police brigade. 

Between himself and his colleague Reiner Braun, he is the more reserved one, and it is not until halfway through season two that we learn of his actual identity as the Colossal Titan.

Reiner admits to Eren during season two’s episode 6 that he was the Armored Titan that broke through Wall Maria alongside Bertoldt’s Colossal Titan in the series’s premiere.

Bertoldt, Reiner, and two other collaborators were transported to Paradis Island by the Marley mainland country as detailed in subsequent seasons.

While their scheme failed, the couple, along with the Female Titan, Annie Leonhart, remained hidden among civilization, passing information to Marley.

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Bertoldt stays the Colossal Titan throughout the series’ events until Eren is destroyed in combat in season three’s Return to Shiganshina storyline. 

At this moment, scout captain Levi is left with the titan injection and the option of sharing it with either his commander Erwin Smith or Armin Arlert to save their own lives by devouring Bertoldt and absorbing his Colossal Titan strength.

Armin Arlert

Ultimately, Eren’s closest friend and one of the series’ central protagonists obtains the Colossal Titan’s power: Armin Arlert.

Although captain Levi strongly opposes the choice, after some prodding from commander Erwin, he decides to deliver the titan injection to Armin’s charred corpse, which was torched during the fight against Bertoldt’s Colossal Titan. 

Arwim transforms into a titan after providing the injection and is led toward Bertold, whom he devours, taking his titan strength.

Armin has the Colossal Titan power from this point in the story, while its look and abilities remain unchanged from when Bertoldt was in control.

What about in the walls?

Fans of Attack on Titan who has read the manga will be aware that the series has more than one Colossal-sized Titan; in fact, there are many. At the season one finale of Attack of Titan, we have a glimpse of a titan’s eye through a gap in the wall.

The program has previously described giants behind the walls but has yet to demonstrate the full depth of what this entails. The Rumbling event will occur in the last episode of season four, premiere in 2022, waking numerous Colossal-sized Titans from inside the walls.

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Hundreds of years before the program began, King Karl Fritz exploited the Founding Titan’s power to construct a legion of tens of millions of these titans to serve as the walls that guard Eldien’s last domain on Paradis Island.

While these Wall Titans resemble the Colossal Titan in appearance, they possess a unique skill set that includes the ability to crystalize and harden, akin to the Attack Titan, rather than the Colossal Titan’s energy-based offensive.

Without divulging too much information about spoilers, these titans are not ruled by individuals; rather, they are ruled by King Fritz himself.

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