24 Motives 24 Names Latest Instagram Challenge

You may have encountered a few online games and challenges with the world trapped at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While many of you have committed to playing board games or those that include trivia, others may like to pass the time by completing goofy small tasks and sharing them with others on social media.

The “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge is one such challenge that has been making the rounds on Instagram. We’ll explore what the “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge is all about, how to play it, and the list of questions you’ll need to answer to accomplish it in this article.

What is the “24 Names 24 Motives” Instagram challenge?

The “24 Names, 24 Motives” challenge has a straightforward idea. You’re going to share a list of 24 names on your Instagram story that will serve as direct responses to the 24 prepared questions.

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Because the number before each name symbolizes a question, it provides context for why you placed them in that particular position on the list, thus the title 24 Names 24 Motives.

The exciting aspect is that you are not explaining why you included those people in your tale, and you can only explain it to them if they choose to participate in this challenge and construct their list.

How do you play it?

The “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge works as follows: if you notice a post with 24 names mentioned, you may approach the person who shared the story and ask them to share the questions.

The responsibility here is that you are to “ask if you intend to do it.” Once you’ve obtained the individual’s questions, you may continue to design your tale by identifying or tagging the individuals with their associated numbers.

How do you make a template for 24 Names 24 Motives?

If you’ve chosen to participate in the “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge, you may take it a step further by editing templates directly on your Instagram story.

One method to do so is to go to the 24 Names 24 Motives template, pick Make it, and create your unique template by selecting your backdrop color or picture and number styles, then storing the template image to your phone.

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Additionally, you may adjust the aspect ratio, typeface, header, padding, and size of your picture to differentiate it from those of your friends and followers. Here are a couple of templates we created using the technology described above.

You may download these and use them as templates for your own 24 Names 24 Motives Instagram Story challenge.

What does each of those numbers stand for?

If you accept an invitation to participate in one of your friends’ 24 motivations 24 names challenges, you will get a set of 24 questions for which you must name or tag 24 individuals.

If you wish to start the challenge with your friends or if you’re wondering about what these questions are without actually asking them, Reddit user Peach-Bleach has compiled the following list of questions:

The last person with whom you communicated An online friend

  • Crush/Boyfriend/girlfriend
  • Initial crush
  • Who was the most recent person you hugged?
  • Best male buddy
  • A guy acquaintance
  • A person who is always amusing
  • Someone you never imagined becoming friends with A female friend
  • The most interesting person you met this year
  • The ideal girlfriend
  • The individual in whom you have the greatest faith
  • Your most recent “I love you” is Someone you miss, Someone you despise
  • The most excellent educator
  • Who was the last person you kissed?
  • A significant person in your life is The one who causes you pain
  • An ex
  • Last person you paid lunch for 
  • Last person you purchased lunch for
  • Would you date the person who texted you this?


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