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Who Is Love In Love And Thunder: Know Who Portrays Love, Gorr’s Daughter Role

Thor: Love and Thunder have a stacked cast full of familiar and new faces, but many fans of the film may be wondering who the actress who plays Gorr’s daughter is. Though she’s new to the scene and may be unfamiliar to many, you’ll recognize her name when you see it.

Thor: Love and Thunder feature a large number of children, particularly as a major plot point when Gorr the God Butcher seizes control of them. Almost all of these kids have some sort of connection to the cast or crew.

Thor: Love and Thunder – The actress that plays Gorr’s Daughter

India Rose Hemsworth plays Gorr’s daughter, Love, who is never given a proper name on-screen. Of course, anyone who has seen Thor: Love and Thunder will recognize that name because she is Chris Hemsworth’s real-life daughter. So, while she may not be as well-known as her father, her name certainly carries some weight.

It’s strange to see India Rose as the daughter of Gorr the God Butcher when we know who her real-life father is. Without the movie’s ending, most viewers would not make the connection. Before continuing, be aware that the ending of Love and Thunder contains SPOILERS.

With his one wish, Gorr the God Butcher brings his daughter back to life at the end of the film. Gorr can’t survive without the Necro Sword, and even though his daughter returns, he asks Thor to look after his family. Thor agrees to the reformed villain’s request as Jane is also abducted in parallel.

By the end of the story, it is clear that India On-screen, Rose Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth have some chemistry as a father-daughter duo. They act out everyday life as a family before demonstrating their respective powers.

Many of the other kids on the set were also related to the stars, including a young Thor for a brief moment and Natalie Portman’s children. Overall, the film appeared to be a labor of love for the cast members, who all had children of their own.

Chris Hemsworth’s daughter, Elsa Pataky, was not the only Hemsworth in the film. Luke Hemsworth also appears as an Asgardian actor who plays Thor in a stage production. He played this role in Ragnarok as well.

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India Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth’s Daughter, Plays Love

Love, if you haven’t guessed, is played by Hemsworth’s 10-year-old daughter, India.

India has been a part of Hemsworth’s Marvel career since the beginning, and she has now joined him in the MCU. Hemsworth recently shared a throwback photo of himself and an infant India on the set of 2011’s Thor, as well as a more recent image of the two of them on the set of Love and Thunder. “She’s my [favorite] superhero,” he captioned the photo.

In an interview published earlier this month on Marvel’s website, Love and Thunder director (and writer and co-star) Taika Waititi stated that casting Hemsworth’s daughter “was not always the plan” for the film. “It really started when Chris was talking about [his daughter] India.” “And he was like, ‘Oh, you know, it would be kind of cool for me to be in a scene with my daughter,'” Waititi explained. “I looked around and thought, ‘Oh, everyone has kids.’ ‘All of these actors have children.’ In addition to India, several actors’ children were cast in the film: Bale’s, Waititi’s, and Natalie Portman’s children played New Asgardian children.

Despite her close relationship with the film’s star, India had to audition for the role. Hemsworth stated that he and his wife, Elsa Pataky (who also appears briefly in Love and Thunder), assisted in taping Waititi’s audition before an offer was made.

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