Who Is Lenny Hochstein Dating? Who Is His New Girlfriend?

As Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Miami starts, Bravo fans are looking forward to lots of divorce tea.

Plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein, who is married to Lisa Hochstein, said in May 2022 that the two of them are getting a divorce after 12 years of marriage and two children. The Hochstein co-own their business, Hochstein MedSpa.

Even though there were rumors about problems in their marriage, Lisa and Lenny denied them for a long time.

The Miami plastic surgeon confirmed that he has been dating a new woman named Katharina Mazepa. He also said that he and his wife are getting a divorce. Here’s what you need to know about Lenny Hochstein’s girlfriend and how she has more in common with Lisa than with him.

Katharina Marzepa Is A Lot Like Lenny Hochstein’s X-wife In Some Ways

According to her Instagram page, Katharina is a model and “Austrian export” who now lives in Miami. Fans of RHOM know that Lisa was also a model and did several photoshoots for Playboy.

Also, Lisa and Katharina are both fans of reality TV. Katharina, who is almost 30 years younger than Lenny, told Naudia Magazine in September 2021 that her appearance on The Hills: New Beginnings was one of her “biggest achievements in the industry,” along with her Guess campaign, her Miss Vienna win and her appearances in Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.

Even though she seems to be doing well with modeling and acting, Katharina has a backup plan in case the entertainment industry doesn’t work out. The Sun says that the influential person has a degree from the University of Vienna in environmental engineering.

During the height of the pandemic, Katharina also made an OnlyFans page where she shares behind-the-scenes photos from her modeling jobs. According to The Sun, she told Fabulous that it’s “PG13 stuff.”


Lenny first told Page Six that he was getting a divorce. At the time, he also said that he had been “seeing” Katharina.

Even though it’s not clear when they met, the “Boob God” himself said that “none of this happened until after they decided to get a divorce.” Lenny also said that he had denied rumors that the marriage was in trouble before because he wanted to protect his family.

“I started seeing Katharina after the decision was made,” he said. “This was something Lisa knew a lot about before it happened.”

But later, Lisa’s rep told the outlet that the reality star was “blindsided” to find out that he had moved on so quickly.

Lisa told the publication through her team, “With two young children involved, I’m going to put all of my energy and time into them.” “His behavior and careless way of handling the situation took me by surprise.”

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