Who Is Mbappe Dating? Is He Dating A Trans Woman?

Kylian Mbappe’s off-field problems have been the talk of the town in recent days, and this is still the case. From the witchcraft charges against the Paris Saint-Germain No. 7 that Mathias Pogba admitted to on behalf of his brother Paul to the fight with the French national team over his image rights. Now, people are interested in his love life.

His Alleged Romance With Model Ines Rau

Mbappe: Paris Saint-Germain Star Reportedly Dating Trans Model Rau - SportsBrief.com

People on social media have a lot to say about the football player’s rumored new relationship. This is because photos of the PSG star with a woman who some people think may be his girlfriend have gotten a lot of attention.

The first transgender model to be on the cover of Playboy magazine, Ines Rau, is said to be the forward’s new partner, according to news reports in Italy and France. The woman who is said to be the football player’s new girlfriend is 32 years old. In her autobiography, “Woman,” she says that she had surgery to change her gender when she was 16.

In Pictures Of Them Together, They Look Happy!

Neither of them has said that they are dating or that they are not. But some pictures that are going around on social networks seem to back up the rumors. In the pictures, the two are seen chatting happily on a boat, and in another, the football player is holding Rau in his arms.

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Mbappe Gets In trouble with KFC

Mbappe doesn’t have to worry, but his stance on KFC could cost him a lot of money. Since he didn’t want to be in ads for the French national team, the restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken is now threatening to sue the player. Vice-President of KFC France Alain Beral made it clear that the player and the federation were in danger.

“We’ve paid for something that’s easy to see. If we have to, we will fight for our rights “. Beral did not say if Mbappe or the French federation would be punished in any way. KFC has since moved away from his comments, but that’s not important.

“KFC France is sorry about what was said yesterday and written about in the news this morning. These are people’s opinions, but they have nothing to do with what the company thinks. “In a statement to Reuters on Wednesday, KFC France said.

“KFC France also wants to make it clear that Alain Beral did not speak on behalf of the company. Instead, he did so in a private conversation at an event related to his job as president of the National Basketball League.

“The relationship between KFC and the French Football Federation (FFF) has always made the company proud. “KFC France is sure that the FFF can find good solutions for all of its partners and players, including Kylian Mbappe, whose fans we are among the first in France.”

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