Who Is John Cena Married To? Was Nikki Bella Married To John Cena?

John Cena is one of the most well-known WWE superstars of the twenty-first century. Globally recognized, he has been for years a huge part of regular WWE programming. So, who is John Cena’s new tag-team partner? Although the pair have kept their romance relatively low-key, here’s everything to know about Shay Shariatzadeh and her relationship with the wrestling champion.

Who is John Cena’s Wife?

Shay Shariatzadeh, who is married to John Cena, is an engineer who was born in Canada. She was born in Iran in the year 1989. Since Cena’s breakup with fellow professional wrestler Nikki Bella, which got a lot of attention, there have been a lot of rumors about who he might be dating next.

But those rumors were quickly put to rest when, almost a year after they broke up, Cena was seen holding hands with a woman no one knew. Reports say that John Cena and the mystery woman ate dinner in Vancouver for four hours.

Do You Know Who Shay Shariatzadeh Is?

Shay Shariatzadeh

She came from Iran. On their marriage license, it said that Shariatzadeh lives in Vancouver but was born in Iran. She works as a designer. Shariatzadeh worked as a product manager at an enterprise software company called Sonatype in Canada. She started this job in December 2019.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she worked at Motorola Solutions before that and did research on thermal cameras and video intercom systems. Shariatzadeh went to the University of British Columbia from 2008 to 2013 to get a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics engineering.

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When she was younger, a project her brother brought home from engineering school sparked her interest in the field. “I’ve always liked math and physics,” she told Avigilon, a division of Motorola Solutions, in March 2019. “My brother studied engineering in school, and I remember that one day he brought home a project: a self-driving car.”

Shariatzadeh has also worked as a salesperson at Guess and La Vie En Rose, according to her LinkedIn profile. Shariatzadeh thinks that her brother is not the only influential family member. Shariatzadeh has been helped by the fact that her mother is a surgeon.

In Avigilon’s International Women’s Day feature, she said, “My mom is the strongest and hardest-working woman I know.” “The most important thing she taught me was to be self-reliant and fight for what I want in life.”

Shariatzadeh added, “When she was at the top of her career, she gave it all up to move her family to Canada to give us a better future. She makes me want to be the best version of myself, to be kind, and never to give up.”

Is Shay Shariatzadeh Active On Social Media?

Shariatzadeh stays out of the spotlight and doesn’t use social media, which is in line with how private the couple is. “A source said about Cena, “He’s a romantic,” shortly after the couple got married. The source also said that the “private ceremony” wasn’t a surprise. He just didn’t want to do it in the spotlight.”

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How Did Shay Shariatzadeh And John Cena Meet?

Keegan-Michael Key, who also starred in “Playing With Fire,” says that John Cena met his future wife, Shay Shariatzadeh, on the set of that movie. When Cena saw her at a restaurant in Vancouver, he was immediately taken with her. When Key asked him to hang out with him for a day after filming was done, Cena told him he already had plans.

When the first person asked about the engagement, the second person told her about the woman. “The Leader Of Cenation” saw a group of young women and had a hard time taking his eyes off one of them. That’s when they started seeing each other, which led to them getting married.

Fans and news outlets started to think that Cena and Shariatzadeh were getting married in February 2020. Since their relationship was much less public than that of Cena and Nikki, it was hard for the media to say for sure that they were engaged.

Shariatzadeh was seen wearing a diamond ring, but the couple didn’t say they were getting married. Some of Cena’s many fans saw him and Shariatzadeh walking around San Diego, and even they noticed the ring on Shariatzadeh’s finger.

Finally, on October 14, 2020, PWInsider broke the news that Cena and Shariatzadeh were engaged. This news confirmed what other sources had said. According to the report, Cena and his girlfriend got married two days ago.

In the middle of a global pandemic, Cena and his new wife did not have a big, fancy wedding party. The ceremony was private and took place in Tampa, Florida, in the office of an attorney. The second time they got married was in Vancouver, Canada.

Who was John Cena’s first wife?

John Cena's first wife was Elizabeth Huberdeau

John Cena’s first wife was Elizabeth Huberdeau. She is also a resident of West Newbury, Massachusetts. While not much is known about her background, she supposedly was the high school sweetheart of the wrestler.  Cena first acknowledged his relationship with his future wife during the promotion of “12 Rounds” (2009). On July 11, 2009, the duo married. On May 1, 2012, a divorce was heard of, which was finalized a week later.

But John Cena’s later relationship with Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace, who is a professional wrestler, got the most attention, mainly because it was so public. Stephanie is known as Nikki Bella in the wrestling ring. “Total Bellas,” a reality show about the twin sisters Nikki and Brie and their lives and relationships, brought their relationship to the public’s attention every week.

Was Nikki Bella Married To John Cena?

Nikki Bella And John Cena

After his first marriage ended, Cena started a high-profile six-year relationship with fellow wrestler Nikki Bella. Some of their time together was shown on Bella’s E! show Total Bellas. Even though they got engaged at WrestleMania 33 in 2018, when he gave her an engagement ring in the wrestling ring, they didn’t get married. A year later, they broke off their engagement and told Us Weekly in a joint statement, “This was a hard decision, but we still have a lot of love and respect for each other.”

Later, in 2018, they broke up for good, and Bella has since moved on with Artem Chigvintsev, her partner on Season 25 of Dancing With the Stars. They got engaged in November 2019, and their son Matteo was born in July 2020, just one day before her sister Brie Bella and her husband Bryan Danielson had their second child. Even though her breakup with Cena was widely reported, Nikki told Us Weekly in 2020 that they will be “tied forever” and that he called both her and Brie after they had babies.

Does John Cena Have Kids?

Even though the actor doesn’t have kids yet, he might start a family in the future. Even though he had struggled with the decision and said he didn’t want kids before, he told The Sun in June 2021 that he’d changed his mind. “I’m a little bit older and a little bit wiser,” he said. “I think being a parent is part of that, so we’ll see.” “I’m starting to understand that there is life and that life is beautiful.”

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