Papu Gómez Wife: Meet His Stunning Wife Linda Raff

Linda Raff is well-known because she is married to Alejandro Papu Gomez, an Argentine forward.
Linda Raff is a robust and determined woman who started a business from scratch. She also has two children, which is fantastic. The Argentinian beauty is on the right track to becoming a successful businessman, but she knows that the road won’t be all roses. But having the love and support of a great person like Alejandro “Papu” Gomez makes the journey more accessible and more fun for her.

Papu Gomez is a big deal in Argentina now that he helped his country win the Copa America 2020 and end a trophy drought of 28 years. The Argentinian moved from Atalanta to Seville in 2021. This was a big step for his career. He hopes to stay in good shape for the 2022 World Cup.

Linda Raff: Career Details

Linda was very interested in doing business. She decided to build an NFT business called SHIRTUM around what she was passionate about. Her husband also did everything he could to help her. Her company makes, markets, and sells NFTs based on sports people.

The company was a massive success because of Linda’s ideas, but she still has a lot of work to do to take her brand to new heights. The beautiful woman from Argentina also owns a medical center and a restaurant there. Linda is also very popular on Instagram.

She also has a business and does photoshoots when she has time. She likes the role, so it keeps her going and makes her happy. Because of her great taste in clothes and her beauty and charm, she became a massive hit on Instagram, where she has thousands of followers.

Linda Raff And Papu Gomez Relationship

Linda Raff And Papu Gomez

In 2011, when he was still playing for Atalanta, Papu Gomez met his wife. After they talked to each other, they both thought it was funny and fun to hang out. We don’t know who asked who because we don’t have enough information, but eventually, they started going on dates and found that their ideas and ways of living were a great match.

Linda believed in her husband’s work and helped him make essential choices. Even though they are both very busy in their own fields, the two have managed to keep their relationship strong. We don’t know when they got married right now.

Linda Raff And Papu Gomez Children  

Papu Gomez' childrens

The couple has two sons, both of whom were born to them. At first, they were overwhelmed, but the two have done a great job of taking care of their children.

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