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The first scene of Season 2 Episode 5 of The White Lotus is from Lucia and Albie’s night of passion. Well, only for the second since Lucia asks for money when he hugs her goodbye. We were wrong about what we thought about her. She is still working with men, and she finds a sweet, innocent woke lamb that she can use as a puppet.

Lucia makes up a story about Alessio, to whom she owes money from her clients. Albie tells her he’ll get money out of the bank and pay her debts, and they agree to meet up again that day (or night).

Tanya and Portia are going to Palermo with the “gays.” Ethan finds the wrapper Harper put on the bathroom sink, and they finally talk about the night. Even though Ethan begged Harper to believe him, she doesn’t seem to. If he really isn’t guilty, he should have told her right away.

But he kept it a secret because of the “bro code,” and now he will have to deal with her passive-aggressive tantrums. Dominic tries to stop Albie from getting closer to Lucia, but Albie hits back by saying that his father set bad examples for him.

He then tries to do the same thing with Lucia. She doesn’t agree right away, but she says she’ll try. Mia goes after Valentina to ask her to take over for Giuseppe at the piano, but she refuses firmly. Albie runs into Portia on his way out, and they say goodbye and wish each other a good life.

Valentina is head over heels in love with Isabella. To get him away from Isabella, Valentina sends him to the beach club and sends Salvatore in his place. Isabella is upset, but she doesn’t know what’s really wrong.

The Sullivans and the Spillers go to Etna to check out the wineries there. During the wine tasting, Harper, who is clearly angry, asks too many personal questions about Ethan and Cam’s college lives. She asks Cameron and Ethan if they have ever slept with the same woman or if they have any other crazy stories to tell.

Harper’s questions make Ethan feel bad and Cam gets the hint that she knows. Also, it seems like Cameron used to chase after girls that Ethan liked and sleep with them before Ethan did.

Ethan gives a very clear explanation of why this happened: Cam wanted to be like Ethan because he thought he was a better species than Cam. On the boat, Jack and Portia get closer, which makes Tanya angry. But when they get to Palermo she is glad because she says that at least the “gays” don’t want her money.

Quentin says that they will go to the opera that night which is a fun change from Tanya’s usual routine. Lucia tries to get Albie to like her by telling him that she won’t only sleep with him for money but also because she likes him. Dom goes for a walk on the beach, where he sees young moms and dads spending time with their kids and thinks about his own life.

Jack and Portia wander around the city while the “gays” and Tanya go to the opera. The performance moves the former couple, and they look at each other with tears in their eyes. “Madame Butterfly” had the group in a trance. Tanya thought that the woman in the row next to them at the opera might be the Queen of Sicily.

Quentin plays a joke on her, but she doesn’t know it. At dinner, Lucia asks Cam for money, and Albie is there to see it. He falls for another “bird in trouble” and offers to help her. When Bert talks about Albie and Lucia, Dom tries to open his eyes. We learn from Dom’s questions that Bert and his wife did not get along well.

Their marriage fell apart when Dom and everyone else found out about Bert’s other relationships with women. Dom says that no matter how hard he tries to deny it, he is crazy if he thinks anything else is true. The couples sit at a table together, and Cam tries to touch Harper’s thighs to show how much he wants her. At first, she doesn’t take his hand away and just looks at him.

The White Lotus season 2 episode 5: A whirlwind recap |

Eventually, though, she does, showing that she isn’t sure what to do. Mia asked Valentina to play again, but this time she offered Valentina her “time” and said she knew Valentina was gay. The manager is shocked and angry as he looks at Mia, but he lets Mia play for the two nights Giuseppe will be gone.

Portia and Jack leave the restaurant without paying, which makes the waitress wonder if it was on purpose or if something is wrong. Harper gets teary-eyed when she tells Daphne about last night, but like before, she tries to brush it under the rug. In a strange moment she talks about his “handsome trainer” but shows Harper a picture of her kids.

Aren’t those Cam’s kids? Is that what this scene meant, and was Daphne trying to tell Harper that in her sleep? At this point, you can’t say. In the town, a man who Lucia says is named Alessio threatens her. Albie is with her and cares about her by being there.

Tanya and Quentin talk about how Quentin likes beautiful things and how he got the villa from his father. Harper and Cam look at each other while the couples watch. And it’s clear that Daphne won’t do anything to change it. But Ethan will, and he looks straight at Cam. Dom calls his wife, Abby, but she doesn’t answer.

Albie spends the night with Lucia, but it’s clear how she feels about it. When Tanya wakes up in the middle of the night, she is shocked to see Jack and Quentin making out. The horror comes from the fact that the second man said he was his nephew when he met him.

The White Lotus (Season 2), Episode 5: Recap

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