What is the Best Alternative to Windows Email?

Windows Email is a Microsoft client pre-installed on your Windows operating system. It provides all the basics you need to manage your inbox, and it’s 100% free. But since the platform is pre-installed on your operating system, it lacks accessibility if you don’t have your device. What’s more, it may lag when you’re having problems with your computer.

With these negative aspects of Windows Emails, there are alternatives that will provide everything you need. In this post, we’ve provided the best alternatives to Windows Emails that may offer better features and operations.


Most Windows users will have at least one Gmail account. However, Gmail doesn’t offer users a dedicated client for the Windows operating system. This means you’ll have to access Gmail through the web, which is a problem if you don’t have a strong connection.

But if you’re looking for a Gmail client for Windows with excellent inbox formats and optimized management tools, then Spike is a great alternative. With Spike, you can manage multiple Gmail accounts. Effortlessly organize your contacts, documents, and mail through Spike’s seamless interface.

Priority Box is one of Spike’s most impressive features. It places all your most important messages first, so you don’t have to go looking for them. Other features include Super Search and customizing tasks and to-do lists.


Mailbird is a Windows email-sending app that’s also compatible with Gmail. The platform allows you to customize your layout and contact people from LinkedIn. One of the benefits of this Windows Email alternative is that it supports multiple languages like French and Dutch. So you can send and receive emails in your home language.

If you work with social media platforms often, you can link your Facebook and Twitter to your account. It also works with WhatsApp and collaborative tools like Asana.

To keep your inbox organized, you can filter, label, and add tags to messages. Or customize your layouts and notification sounds to suit your preference. Overall, Mailbird is easy to use, has ample storage space, and offers excellent customer support.


Spark is one of the best Windows Email alternatives. It’s ideal for small business owners and freelancers. You can compose, delegate and manage emails with your colleagues. What’s more, it allows you to comment on emails privately or invite teammates to create an email together.

It has everything you need in an email client, like email search, filters, and extensive inbox management. Create tasks and checklists, and change your theme to dark or light mode. On the other hand, the spam filter could be better. But overall, it has a decent interface and works with all major email services like Gmail and Microsoft Exchange.


Thunderbird is one of the more well-known email clients on the market. It was released in July 2003 and has since undergone some valuable changes. It’s an open-source, cross-platform email suite that’s effortless to customize.

With this platform, you can manage multiple email accounts and combine your sent folder, inbox, and archive box. To organize your inbox, you can filter or label your messages, and it has customizable layouts.

The platform offers large file management, phishing protection, and automatic updates. Thunderbird gives you 4GB of storage and protects your data with AES 256-bit and PGP encryption.


Protonmail is an end-to-end encryption email client. One of the key features of this platform is that it allows senders to remain completely anonymous. So you don’t have to provide personal information during the signup process.

The company boasts that it puts your safety first by providing several layers of security, like zero-access encryption. Additionally, it has contact encryption, so cybercriminals can’t tamper with your contact list.

Another reason why people prefer Protonmail over Windows Email is that it offers enhanced tracking protection. It automatically blocks tracking pixels and conceals your IP address so advertisers can’t use your information to send you marketing content.

Since Protonmail has extensive security features, it’s ideal for startup companies or freelancers who want to protect sensitive information.


Shift is an email client specifically designed for Windows 10 users. The platform helps you manage multiple workflows and create workspaces to delegate tasks and complete large projects. It provides the basics like email tracking, customizable tasks, and checklist creation.

Furthermore, the email platform allows you to integrate extensions such as Grammarly and Zoom. You can also integrate the email client with platforms such as Slack, WhatsApp, and Facebook. With Shift, you get 30GB of storage space and customer support via chat or ticket system.

Overall, Shift is an easy platform to use, and you can connect with other Microsoft products. It works well with platforms like Outlook and Gmail.

Final Thoughts

Windows Email is a convenient desktop application that’s free to use. But there may be some features it’s lacking that you can get from other platforms. If you’re looking for a comprehensive email client to manage your day-to-day tasks and messages, choose one of the programs mentioned above. Ensure the email client you choose has extensive security and messaging features you need to manage your mailbox.

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