Where Is Kai Lawrence Now? What Happened To Him?

Kai Lawrence was once the center of attention around the world, and thanks to a new Netflix documentary, he will be again. People often praise the platform for its wide variety of non-fiction content, such as series and long-form projects. Lucky for documentary fans, 2023 is going to be a big year, and Netflix has started things off with The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker.

Just the name of the documentary may remind you of a video that went viral in 2013 and was seen by many people online.

The movie looks at a video that went viral of a hitchhiker named Caleb Lawrence McGillvary. He told a reporter from a local news station in California that his name was Kai, and he said he was from Japan.

During the interview, he said that he hit Jett Simmons McBride in the head with a hatchet because he was attacking people on the street, according to ABC30.

But the documentary looks at what happened after this interview went viral. Where is Kai Lawrence now?

Where Is Kai Lawrence Now And What Happened To Him?


Kai Lawrence is in New Jersey State Prison in Trenton. He was given a 57-year prison sentence in April 2019, according to National World.

A jury found him guilty of killing 73-year-old Joseph Galfy in the first degree. The Sun says he met Galfy in Times Square. Lawrence was invited to stay in the man’s guest room, and he said he killed the man in self-defense after he did.

In the end, Lawrence was charged just a few months after he became a big deal on the internet and was seen by many as an unlikely hero.

With the guilty verdict, the four-week trial came to an end.

Kai Lawrence Will Be Released From Jail After His Sentence?

Sources say that Lawrence will come out in October 2061. In the future, he won’t be able to get out of jail until he has served 85% of his sentence.

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