What Happened to the ‘s*x Education’ Actors Who Are Not Returning to Season 4

S*x Education is a British-American young adult series created by Laurie Nunn, who also serves as scriptwriter alongside executive producer, John Jennings. The series revolves around the lives of Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), a socially awkward high school student, and his friends as they navigate puberty and growing up. The first season had eight episodes and premiered on January 11, 2019, on Netflix.

Otis Milburn is a high school student who has a lot of knowledge about s*x due to his mother’s profession as a s*x therapist. With this knowledge, he gives better s*x advice to his classmates while also navigating his own hormones.

You would think that, with the high-school aesthetic, the series would be more study-oriented. For example, students discuss how you can get help from teachers and other academic-focused things. In the first season, Otis joins forces with Maeve Wiley who helps other students with math homework and other subjects and takes money for that. Together, they set up a s*x clinic at school where students can get answers about all things related to their s*xual well-being.

Although the high-school setting is criticized, there is an opinion that students should care more about exam scores thinking about their future, the TV series have become popular with millions of viewers and fans worldwide. It’s been nominated for many awards and won some too, like the British Academic Award. However, some of the actors who started the journey on this show will not complete it by returning for season 4.

Breakdown of the ‘S*x Education’ story so far

Netflix’s new series “S*x Education” is set in a British high school (called Moordale High) and follows the students, teachers, and faculty as they learn about s*x. The show is quite similar to most coming-of-age stories you see these days, but it is not just a carbon copy— it has its own identity.

The show is centered on Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), a high school student who tries to help other students and give them advice about personal life. The story follows his journey as he navigates the ups and downs of school life, friendships, first love and family drama, all while trying to grow up.

Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know before watching:

  1. The story takes place in a British public school that’s being run by an unconventional headmaster who doesn’t believe in s*x education.
  2. The main characters are Otis (Asa Butterfield), Eric (Ncuti Gawa), and Maeve Wiley (Emma Mackey)
  3. The series is 18+ and has raunchy scenes, but it is not over the top
  4. It is a coming of age story

Actors Who Are Not Returning to S*x Education for Season 4

Here are the actors that will be saying their final goodbyes to “S*x Education”:

  • Simone Ashely as Olivia Hanan
  • Tanya Reynolds as Lily Iglehart
  • Patricia Allison as Ola Nyman
  • Rakhee Thakrar as Emily Sands

Simone Ashley as Olivia Hanan

Fans of S*x Education were simply dazzled by Simone Ashley as Olivia Hanan way back in 2019. She piqued their interest when they first saw her on-screen as a bubblegum-chewing, colorfully dressed one-third of the Untouchables trio. On April 12, Simone Landers appeared on U.K. network ITV’s “This Morning” for a chat about her role in S*x Ed. When asked about her character’s future, Olivia Hanan, Simone revealed that she would be leaving the show—but only because she’s committed to being a Bridgerton girl now. She is currently playing the role of Kate Sharma on another Netflix show, “Bridgerton.”

Tanya Reynolds as Lily Iglehart

Some people might wonder what happened to Tanya Reynolds, who played Lily Iglehart in all seasons of S*x Education. Well, here are all the answers you need.

Tanya Reynolds, who played the alien-obsessed Lily Iglehart, Ola’s girlfriend, confirmed that her character had already said goodbye. She said, “I think that for Lily, her storyline was just wrapped up quite nicely at the end of season three. There are no plot holes to tie up regarding her story. She had quite a happy ending, all things considered.

“At the end of season three, everyone kind of gets scattered, and each character is on their own path to self-discovery. Lily already found hers. So, I think that’s just a good opportunity to bring in some new characters.” She added, “I absolutely will miss playing Lily. I love, love Lily and I had the best time while acting in those three seasons. I will miss it for sure.”

Patricia Allison as Ola Nyman

Patricia Allison, who plays Ola Nyman in all seasons, has confirmed that she will not be reprising her role as Ola in Season 4. She said she is sorry about this news because she has enjoyed her time on the show, and she hopes that fans will understand.

The popular character briefly dated lead character Otis Milburn before breaking things off—just as their respective single parents unexpectedly decided to couple up. The actress also revealed that she had more projects in the pipeline and that she “had to say goodbye some time” to the Netflix teen comedy-drama. In her radio interview on Capital Xtra Breakfast, she said: “I absolutely have loved my time on S*x Education, and I’m so sorry to have to break that to you.

Rakhee Thakrar as Emily Sands

Most of the actors we have looked at so far played students in the series, but this is the first teacher-played role that is not returning for season four. Rakhee Thakrar, who played teacher Emily Sands in each of the first three seasons, said that although she had thoroughly enjoyed working on the Netflix hit, her time on the show is now at an end.

“I’m not part of the new series. I can’t really talk about why,” she told the British newspaper Daily Star Sunday. “But I’m so proud of the show and to have been part of this important conversation”


The show has a fourth season in the works already. The first three seasons were very popular and critically acclaimed, so it’s no surprise that Netflix would want more episodes in their lineup. Most of the main cast of the show are still present, including Asa Butterfield (Otis), Emma Mackey (Maeve), and Ncuti Gatwa (Eric). Even Otis’s mom (Gillian Anderson) is still present and with the new baby arriving, there is more to see in season four.

While we’re sad to see the characters go, the writers have promised that their absence will not take away from your experience. If you’re looking forward to catching up with these characters again soon, though – don’t worry! There will be plenty more coming your way before long!

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