“Street Woman Fighter” Dancer Honey J Confirms Her Marriage And Pregnancy

Honey J, a dancer, appears with personal news. The dancer, who rose to prominence after appearing on the reality show Street Woman Fighter, announced her pregnancy and marriage plans.

Honey J broke the news directly to his Instagram followers. However, he has yet to reveal the identity of his lover. “I’ve always thought that love was more important than anything else.” I made a life-or-death promise to someone who wanted to be a part of my future. He is a selfish, caring individual who adores me. “I also try to emulate him,” he added.

Honey J intends to hold a wedding reception before the end of 2022. She also revealed that she is currently expecting a child.

“I’m a little concerned because I’m not used to uploading lengthy posts here.” But recently, something wonderful happened to me, and I wanted to share it with you all. So I uploaded this post with caution,” Honey J explained.

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“I have one more piece of good news to share with you. A new life arrived not long ago. This brief existence taught me the meaning of happiness, which cannot be expressed in words. “I will also welcome its arrival with love and sincerity,” Honey J. explained.

“I am overjoyed to be able to share this news with everyone who has loved and supported me.” To all of you, I will never change as a dancer, and I will live happily to repay all of your support. “I hope you will always support us and bless us,” he concluded.


Along with the news, Honey J shared a photo of herself and her lover. The photo, however, is only a shadow of the two holding hands. As a result, the identity of the dancer’s future husband is unknown.

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How old is Honey j?

August 26, 1987, 35 years

What group is Honey j in?

crew Holy Bang


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