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How Much Do They Make? Walgreens vs CVS Pharmacy Technician Salary

Getting a job as a pharmacy technician can help you make a good living, have plenty of work, and occasionally further your education in the field of pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians are employed at well-known drug stores like Walgreens and CVS.

They assist pharmacists in dispensing the majority of prescription drugs to patients and medical professionals. They might also work in medical centers like hospitals. You will perform many of the same tasks whether you choose to work in Walgreens, CVS, or another sizable pharmacy:

Obtain from clients and other medical experts the patient data needed to complete prescriptions.

  • For pharmacists, calculate prescription dosages Label and package prescriptions
  • Organize your inventory and alert pharmacists to any supply shortfalls.
  • Enter patient data into the database.
  • Respond to customer and healthcare professional calls on the phone

Pharmacy technicians can actually work in many places, such as:

  • Pharmacies – 52%
  • Medical and surgical hospitals – 13%
  • Other general merchandise stores – 7%
  • Grocery stores – 7%
  • Department stores – 4%

By 2024, there will be a 9% increase in demand for pharmacy technicians, which is a faster increase than normal. The demand in the pharmaceutical industry is growing for a variety of reasons.

The population is aging, and Americans are living longer. People wish to lead active lives like they did when they were younger as a result of this. They do, however, naturally have a higher incidence of illnesses and medical issues. Therefore, this increases the demand for prescription medications.

In a comparable vein, the pharmaceutical industry has made significant strides in the past ten years. With the help of various pharmaceuticals, a growing number of medical illnesses and diseases can be improved, treated, or controlled. Additionally, this increases the demand for prescription medications.

Pharmacy technicians are also used more frequently since pharmacists must tend to other duties like giving flu vaccines and giving patients advice. Employing pharmacy technicians to handle many of these administrative and customer service duties is more cost-effective for pharmacies.

Salary and Hourly Wage Information for Walgreens and CVS

While some pharmacy techs are paid a salary, others may be paid an hourly wage. The majority of major pharmacies’ salaried staff members have successfully completed a one- or two-year pharmacy technician certificate program (see more information later on this page). The average pharmacy technician pay, according to the US government, is $30,410.

If you compare the wage data for Walgreens and CVS, you’ll typically discover that their salaries are comparable. Look at this information:

  • com states that the average hourly rate for pharmacy technicians varies between $9.48 and $15.08 per hour.
  • com states that the average hourly rate for pharmacy technicians varies between $9.01 and $14.12 per hour.
  • com reports that the average base pay for CVS pharmacy technicians is $11 per hour.
  • com reports that the average base pay for Walgreens pharmacy technicians is $11 per hour.

According to the US government, the top salary for pharmacy technicians is $45,030. Nearly all of them are probably certified pharmacy technicians.

Certified Pharmacy Technician

The data would suggest that the starting compensation for techs at both pharmacies is relatively comparable. What you should think about is the benefits of becoming a licensed pharmacy technician, both financially and professionally.

With on-the-job training, you can become a pharmacy technician at CVS, Walgreens, and other well-known pharmacies. However, most states do regulate pharmacy technicians, and they anticipate that after a few years of beginning your job, you will become certified.

Programs in pharmacy technology are available at numerous community colleges and vocational schools across the US. Most of them last no more than a year, although a handful may go on for two years and award you an associate’s degree.

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These education programs in pharmacy technology will cover many basic pharmacy subjects:

  • Math needed in pharmacies
  • Recordkeeping
  • Dispensing medications
  • Pharmacy law and ethics
  • Names, uses, and doses of drugs
  • Clinical experiences often offered in pharmacies

When you complete your education, you will need to take the certification examination that is offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board.

Pharmacy Technician Programs – CVS

The CVS website has different types of pharmacy tech opportunities to consider:

  • Retail store positions make up the majority of pharmacy technician positions at CVS. Many current retail opportunities are available on the company website for all US regions. You can look for a job as well.
  • Incoming calls for retail outlets are handled by the CVS Retail Pharmacy Call Center.
  • Additionally, CVS provides externships for pharmacy technicians so that students can apply what they are learning in the classroom to the actual world of employment. You should speak with your program administrator at your school, program, or institution if you are enrolled in a pharmacy tech training program and want to complete an externship at CVS.

Pharmacy Technician Programs – Walgreens

According to Walgreen’s corporate website, its technicians receive the greatest comprehensive training available in the pharmacy sector. It also mentions that the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, or ASHP, has accredited Walgreen’s pharmacy technician training program.

All Walgreen techs receive their national certification through their training program, which also gets them ready for careers in pharmacy technology. For a rewarding, steady job, working as a pharmacy technician at Walgreen’s or CVS is a terrific choice. Of course, you can always change your mind later on and enroll in pharmacy school to acquire your Pharm.D.

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