US Launches Its SpaceX 2nd Crew, Here We Have Regular Station Crew Flights On Board

SpaceX finally launched four astronauts to the international space station this Sunday and a full fledged flight for NASA by a private owed company.

The rocket named Falcon thundered in night from place Kennedy Space Centre and three Americans and one Japanese, the second SpaceX to be launched soon. The Dragon Capsule at the top also named as Resilience by the crew in light.

And due to the on going pandemic SpaceX founder and the chief executive Elon Musk were bound to monitor the making of the ship from a far of distance. He also tweeted that “Most Likely” had the delicate case of Covid-19.

The Sunday launched was followed by a few months SpaceX two pilot who tested the flight, and also said what NASA hopes will be a long series of crew rotations between the US and the space station that is after years of delay.

“This is another historic moment,” NASA Administer Jim Bridenstine said this Friday, but as noted “Make no mistake: Vigilance is always required on every flight.”

The 27 ½ door to door fight to the space station was entirely automated, but the crew can take control when needed. With the covid in hand the NASA took all the safety precautions to put ahead the SpaceX crew launch in month of May.


The astronauts went in a complete quarantine in the month of October with their families, and all the personnel and members wore the mask and the number of guest in Kennedy were restricted and limited. And the first tow astronauts also stayed behind the Johnson Centre in Houston.

The Vice President Mike Pence and the chairman of the National Space Council he all the way travelled from Washington to see the launch. And outside the center there were hundreds and thousand’s od spectators all gathered nearby to take a glance at the launch.

Pacing ahead we saw that NASA and SpaceX wanted the booster to recover so badly that they even delayed the launch by a day to give it a floating kick and a platform in position to reach on time in the Atlantic over the weekend in rough seas.

NASA turned towards private companies to haul the cargo and the crew in the space station after the shuttle in 2011 fleet was retired. SpaceX it luckily was qualified for both”. And with having Kennedy back in astronaut launching action, and now NASA can put an end to buying of Russian Soyuz Rockets that costed them $90 million.

“Bottom line I think it is much better for us flying from the United States if we can do that,’ as said by Doug Hurley the commander of SpaceX first crew.


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