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Unforgotten Series 5 Officially Renewed for 2022 – Everything You Need To Know!

‘Unforgotten’ is a British comedy TV series that follows detectives Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan to investigate unusual unresolved criminal cases. Each time the pair takes on a case, they unearth a connection between the victim and unconnected individuals.

The series, created by Chris Lang, premiered on ITV in the United Kingdom on October 8, 2015. Following the show’s tremendous popularity in its native nation, the series was broadcast on PBS in the United States on April 8, 2018.

The show has garnered critical acclaim for its performances, complex character development, and the layered mysteries that each season introduces to viewers.

After four engrossing seasons, it’s unsurprising that fans desire more. Thus, will there be a fifth season? Everything we know is included here!

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When will the fifth season of Unforgotten be released?

ITV has not yet confirmed a release date for Unforgotten’s fifth season – but perhaps we won’t have to wait nearly as long as we did for season four.

While we were sad to see Nicola Walker’s DCI Cassie Stewart depart at the end of the previous series, that does not mark the end of Unforgotten – ITV has confirmed the police drama will return for a fifth season.

In a July 2021 tweet, Chris Lang confirmed that he was returning to write Unforgotten season five — while eagle-eyed characters may notice a reference to a character dubbed “Faith.” Could that be the name of Nicola Walker’s replacement as the Unforgotten?

ITV congratulated Nicola Walker for her work on the program in a previous tweet, adding: “Nicola and writer Chris Lang decided that Cassie’s tale would conclude last night, but that Unforgotten will continue in series five with a new case and a new ‘Partner in Crime’ for DI Sunny Khan.”

Before series four, each series aired on ITV for around a year and a half, with series one, two, and three runs in 2015, 2017, and 2018. However, there was a two-and-a-half-year gap between series three and four, partially due to production delays caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Considering the last series, we expect Unforgotten to return to our screens in September/October 2022 — assuming COVID-19 does not disrupt production preparations.

Who Could Be a Part of the Unforgotten Season 5 Cast?

‘Unforgotten’ is centered on DCI Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Stuart and DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan, implying Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar will reprise their roles if the show is renewed for a fifth season.

While each season adds new actors to the show, we see a few recurrent cast members.

They include Peter Egan as Martin Hughes, Pippa Nixon as DC Karen Willetts, Carolina Main as DC Fran Lingley, Lewis Reeves as DC Jake Collier, Alastair MacKenzie as ex-DCI John Bentley, and Jordan Long as DC Jake Collier (DS Murray Boulting).

As a result, if season 5 is greenlit, we may see the majority of these cast members reprise their roles.

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What Could the Unforgotten Season 5 Plot Be About?

Cassie Stuart and Sunny Khan investigate a decades-old case involving discovering a young man’s mutilated body in a scrap metal yard.

Perhaps since 1990, the remains had been stored in a household freezer. We observe the emotional and psychological toll that the inquiry has on everyone engaged as it progresses.

Additionally, the fourth season sheds light on the police department as an institution. If the show is renewed for a fifth season, viewers will join the two detectives to investigate another cold case.

What happened at the end of Unforgotten’s fourth season?

Dean Barton’s (actual name Dean Quinn) murder of Matthew Walsh in the 1990s was revealed in a dramatic series finale.

While Ram Sidhu (Phaldut Sharma) recognized Matthew as the person who had beaten him and sexually assaulted Fiona (Liz White) a few weeks prior and began pursuing him, Dean was the first to locate Matthew, who had tripped in an allotment and collided with a short brick wall, knocking him unconscious.

Dean – who had attempted to conceal his family’s criminal connections by changing his last name and training as a police officer – recognized Walsh as the rival gang member who had murdered his supportive older brother Stephen and decided to avenge his death by stabbing Walsh through his wound with an engraved fountain pen his brother had given him.

unforgotten season 5

While Dean was arrested in connection with Walsh’s death, expecting father Ram faced prison time on charges of obstructing the legitimate burial of a body (together with Liz and Fiona) and his involvement in Dean’s cocaine smuggling enterprise.

Fiona faced an additional charge for possessing a forged therapy license, while Liz was forced to retire from the police service following her arrest.

Despite the team’s success in apprehending Walsh’s murderer, the finale concluded on a terrible note, with DCI Cassie Stewart’s surgery showing that she had suffered severe brain damage after her car collision and was unlikely to recover completely.

We subsequently learn of her death, as Sunny delivers a eulogy at her burial and leaves flowers at her grave.

Is The Trailer Available For Unforgotten Season 5?

Season 5 of the crime drama series does not yet have a trailer. The staff is working tirelessly on this ITV drama, and production on season 5 is proceeding apace.

However, the show’s release date has not been announced. The trailer is expected to be released closer to the film’s release date. For now, check the season 4 trailer: