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The Vow Movie Review In a Minute: Plot, Cast and Breakdown

The Vow, misidentified as a Nicholas Sparks film based solely on the appearance of its trailer, offers a familiar scenario in which a tragic tragedy threatens the beautiful marriage of a loving couple. It is similar to Dear John and The Notebook, and contains Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams from both of those Nicholas Sparks’ films. The new Sony Pictures movie The Vow is not based on the author’s collection of dramatic love stories, but on genuine events.

This film, directed by Michael Sucsy, is less sweet than the majority of Nicholas Sparks’s films and has a touch of edge, which may appeal to folks who are less prone to watch typical chick flicks. However, the improper content and lack of faith (the plot revolves around a Christian marriage) are disappointing.

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The Vow Movie “In A Minute”

The beginning of Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo’s (Channing Tatum) lives together is a picture-perfect love story. Their wedding vows are quickly put to the test when Paige’s automobile accident leaves her in a coma. Leo is horrified when she does not remember him when she awakens. Paige’s memory loss threatens to nullify their vows as she battles to decide if she wants to reclaim her life with Leo or return to her life before they met.

The Vow Movie Cast

  • Rachel McAdams – Paige
  • Channing Tatum – Leo
  • Jessica Lange – Rita Thornton
  • Scott Speedman – Jeremy
  • Sam Neil – Bill Thornton
  • Jessica McNamee – Gwen

The Vow Movie BreakdownVow-Real-Life-Couple

The automobile crash is one of the most memorable scenes in The Vow, involving great emotion. For lack of a better word, the direction of this slowed-down sequence is masterfully conveyed. The aesthetically stunning visuals elicit a genuine ‘gasp’ reaction. Another scenario (which happened to the real couple) shows Leo having a nervous breakdown in the hospital hallway after Paige fails to recognise him.

The themes of family and battling for a marriage are prominent, yet faith is not mentioned in The Vow. This comes as a surprise and disappointment given that the film is based on a couple whose faith and love were important in their healing. The plot is a little confused at places. It contained too many extraneous supporting characters, and the ending lacked the intensity of the film’s strongest moments.

This film is rated PG-13 for an accident scene, sexual content, partial nudity, and some language, and it contains some potentially offensive elements. The filthy language alone will prevent this family-friendly picture from reaching an audience seeking family-friendly films. In one moment, Channing Tatum bares almost all of his backside, and the couple is seen in only their underwear and laying practically naked in bed.

The Vow Trailer

Where to watch The Vow

The Vow is available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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