The Netflix Series Wednesday Ending Explained: Many Characters Died!

Did you remember all of Netflix’s Wednesday‘s unanswered questions and mysterious figures? Did the new Addams Family leave you with only vibes? (Creepy and kooky vibes) If you missed the Wednesday finale and don’t have time to binge season 1, here’s a recap.

Wednesday was trying to solve one mystery—a string of murders at her new supernatural outcast school, Nevermore Academy—but she suspected almost everyone at the school and in Jericho. Who killed? What occurred? The Wednesday finale’s spoilers are explained here.

It Was Tyler All Along!

Will There Be a Wednesday Season 2? What We Know So Far

Wednesday’s monster/murderer at Nevermore Academy is Tyler, her seemingly normal crush and latte boy, not Xavier, her moodier potential love interest. The meek barista is Hyde. The latter escapes and reconciles with Wednesday in the finale.

But It Was Also Miss Thornhill All Along!

Laurel Gates is Christina Ricci’s Marilyn Thornhill. She controls Tyler the Hyde monster and collects body parts to resurrect her ancestor, Joseph Crackstone. After Thornhill/Gates finishes her spell, the scary pilgrim attacks Nevermore Academy to kill supernatural creatures and “misfits.”

It All Tied Into Gomez And Morticia’s Past!

Laurel Gates is the long-lost relative of Garrett Gates, a Nevermore student who died accidentally while poisoning the student body. Morticia once blamed herself and Gomez took the blame. They’re romantic!

Enid Wolfed Out!

Yay! Wednesday’s late-bloomer roommate matured. As a werewolf, she is able to subdue Tyler the Hyde monster.

Many Characters Died!

Wednesday ending explained: Does she catch the killers?

Tyler is alive and may have escaped police custody, but Principal Weens, Miss Thornhill, and Dr. Kinbott died at the end of the season, along with the mayor and Rowan. Season 2 can add more characters. Eugene is okay, though.

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Nevermore Academy Is closed!

For the semester, anyway. Wednesday tortured Tyler and was expelled. If the show is renewed for a second season, we’ll have to figure out who lets her back in, but after saving the school, it shouldn’t be hard. Defeating a supernatural pilgrim means forgiveness, right?

Wednesday’s Stalker!

Which she’s thrilled by, obviously. We love a little cliffhanger. She’s being watched and killed. Wednesday even suspects that Miss Thornhill was a pawn for an even Bigger Bad. Wednesday notes that some threads remain untied. We’ll wait for loose threads.

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