The Misfit Of Demon King Academy season 2 Release Date Status CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

‘The Misfit Demon King Academy’ is centered on Anos, the overpowering Demon King who slaughters innumerable humanity, the mightiest gods and goddesses, and even other demons who dare to cast doubt on his lineage. However, after years of conflict and turmoil, he resolves to withdraw from all violence to restore global peace. 

While the world heals, Anos prepares himself for rebirth and returns many years later. Unfortunately for him, when he returns to govern the world again, he discovers that it has changed dramatically since he left—demons have perished due to their waning magical talents. 

In contrast, the rest of the world flourishes on peace. Is he still capable of becoming the Demon King?

From the concept alone, it is clear that ‘The Misfit Demon King Academy’ employs typical fantasy genre cliches. Although it is not one of the gaming Isekai series, its characters are NPC-like. 

Despite its relatively typical premise and a cast of characters, ‘The Misfit Demon King Academy’ entertains with its hit-or-miss punchlines and well-animated action sequences. With that said, if you loved the first season, continue reading to learn all about ‘The Misfit Demon King Academy‘ Season 2.

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy season 2 Release Date

The second season of ‘The Misfit Of Demon King’ has been confirmed! In March 2021, Aniplex announced the new season with a Japanese-language teaser video.

Although we have the assurance that season 2 will occur, we do not yet have a set release date. In October 2019, Season 1 was announced. It was released the following year, in July 2020, after the pandemic’s postponement. If the second season follows the same timeline as the first, we may anticipate its release in 2022.

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Although the release date for ‘The Misfit of Demon King Academy’ season 2 is unknown, we know it will be a split season. That is, there will be a lengthy pause between the first two halves of the season to accommodate Japan’s broadcast schedule.

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy season 2 Plot

Two thousand years ago, Anos Voldigoad, the Demon Lord, grew to such might that not even the gods could stop him. Anos becomes bored after millennia of conflict. He desired peace for everybody. 

As a result, he signs a peace treaty with humanity’s hero, Kanon. He makes self-sacrifice for the greater good and reincarnates 2,000 years later. It is also the period when the Demon King Academy is founded.

The issue is that his magical skill has deteriorated with time. As a result, when the Demon King Academy admitted pupils, they were unaware of Anos’ actual might. He is eventually called a misfit.

In the first season, Anos’ trip into the contemporary world teaches him a great deal. The former Demon Lord is most surprised that no one remembers who he previously was. 

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After Anos’ death 2000 years ago, human conspirators headed by Jerga (Akio Ootsuka) betrayed Kanon. They wanted to continue the practice of despising demons. The human hero then resolves to reincarnate so that he and Anos may work together to destroy Jerga, the story’s true nemesis.

The first season concluded with Jerga’s loss, paving the path for restoring peace among all races. While it seems to be a foregone conclusion, there is still plenty of ground for the upcoming season to explore. Seven of the ten volumes of the light novel series remain unfinished.

The second season will very certainly adapt volume 4 of the LN series, which reintroduces Anos as the Demon Lord. However, new adversaries will emerge from inside the Demon Academy.

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy season 2 Trailer

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