Chris Stapleton: Chris Stapleton “fans” boycott him after Black Lives Matter comments!


We know how our expectations about the year 2020 and the reality have been so drastically different. Between a WWIII scare, forest fire and a global pandemic, 2020 has been an absolute disaster. During these difficult times, we faced the biggest riot – Black Lives matter!

With all of it, we’re currently in the most divisive political climate of my entire lifetime. People everywhere are relentlessly fighting and discussing every matter around.

Criticism and bashing the government is so common now. Nobody is spared in this world full of atrocities.
Even the beloved Chris Spatleton has been targeted on his back.

Chris Stapleton: On Black Lives Matter 

In a recent interview Chris Stapleton, had a small conversation with Anthony Mason. They discussed regarding life during COVID. While biking in the woods, his new song about the Las Vegas shooting, the upcoming album and more.

Fans comment on Chris Stapleton
source: Twitter

Eventually when Anthony asked Chris for his thoughts on the black lives matter movement, we were shocked to hear what came up. Also the huge “fans” base couldn’t wait to throw their Stapleton records in the garbage.

Anthony asked his views regarding what the music industry should be doing more at the moment to which Chris replied
“I think everybody should be doing more.

Another fan criticizing Chris
source: Twitter

There’s a very broad awakening I guess that’s come about and It’s time for me to listen. And it’s time for other folks to listen.”

Furthermore expressing his views on the Black Lives Matter riots,  Chris said that his perspective has changed since the start of the protests and how it lead to so much destruction.

Chris Stapleton comment fueled outrage against him
source: Twitter

He went on explaining that “Oh for sure. You know, I thought we were living in a different country. And that’s 100% real. I feel like the country that I thought that we were living in was a myth. I think we all got a lot of work to do, as individuals and as a society, and if you don’t think that I think you’re not looking.”

Outrage fueled against him
source: Twitter

Chris didn’t seem to be indifferent to the mater but he wants us to focus other worldly issues as well.

Mason concluded that in the conversation asking Chris: “Do you support Black Lives Matter? Chris replied

“Do I think black lives matter? Absolutely. I don’t know how you could think they don’t “
We can just take a pause and take a look at what he actually said?

Summing it all up, Chris said that we all need to do more to make this world a better place to live in.

A huge fanbase is lost
source: Twitter

Chris clearly admitted that we all are ignorant to the racial problems this country is still facing, and he said that the lives of black people matter.

He continued saying that “ while I never like to get political on here, I’ll just say this… if you don’t turn on the news and see that the world is broken, and that we all need to come together and fix it, we’re even more fucked than ever.”

Sturgill Simpson also vouched for the character of Chris after a so-called “fan” said she was replacing all of Chris’ music with his:
“Oh man..gonna be sooo disappointed “
Fans trolled Chris and he is losing a huge fanbase already.

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