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When Nick returns to West Egg that evening, he finds Gatsby’s house completely lit up with no sign of a party and Gatsby approaching him. Gatsby is assured by Nick that he would call Daisy the next day and invite her to tea. Knowing Nick’s financial situation, Gatsby offers to arrange for him to “gather up a lovely piece of money.” Nick, on the other hand, declines.

Nick calls Daisy the next day and extends his invitation with the caveat, “Do not bring Tom.” She accepts, settling on a date. Gatsby, wanting everything to be flawless, sends a man to mow Nick’s grass and subsequently arranges for flowers to be sent. Gatsby is frightened and, for the first time in the novel, unsure of himself as he arrives an hour before Daisy. Daisy arrives at the designated hour.

Daisy enters the house to discover Gatsby has vanished, only to reappear at the front door, pale and melancholy. Gatsby enters the living room, where he joins Daisy. The reunion begins stilted and unnaturally polite, leaving all three persons feeling a little embarrassed, but as the tea preparations continue, the group develops a stronger sense of ease.

Nick attempts to give Gatsby and Daisy some solitude by excusing himself, but Gatsby, apprehensive as a young man, follows him out. Nick reintroduces Gatsby to Daisy while he sneaks out the back and spends a half-hour wandering about the mansion. When Nick returns, he discovers Gatsby has undergone a complete transformation.

He has progressed from his first shame to boundless delight, radiating a renewed feeling of well-being. Daisy’s voice, too, shows an “unexpected delight.” The three relocate from Nick’s small residence to Gatsby’s mansion at Gatsby’s request. Daisy, as Gatsby anticipated, is taken aback by the splendor of his mansion.

They move from room to room together, each one elegantly and meticulously designed to create a distinct mood. Along the way, they come upon Klipspringer, dubbed “the border,” who was busy exercising as if he had no worry in the world. At the house, Gatsby enters a third phase: awe at Daisy’s presence. Daisy buries her head in Gatsby’s display of shirts, crying at their beauty.

By the conclusion of the afternoon, Gatsby has demonstrated to Daisy all of his material stability, however, Nick suggests that Daisy may not measure up — not due to any personal failings on her part, but due to the immensity of the dream Gatsby has established over the last five years. Nick departs at the conclusion of the chapter, leaving Gatsby and Daisy alone together.

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