The Flash: Season 6 Finale Will Happen Sooner Than Expected

CW announced that it would be putting all Arrowverse shows on hold till the end of the pandemic. This announcement was made because of the lockdown imposed during the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This means that the sixth season of Flash will have a different ending than what CW had in mind.

Ending of  Season 6

Fans were left wondering how the Flash Season 6 would end, and CW has answered. Episode 19 will be the last episode for the sixth season. Grant Gustin, who plays the protagonist was interviewed and he confirmed the news. The show was originally supposed to have 22 episodes, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the number was shortened.

“Success is Assured” is the episode that will serve as the last episode. The fans were promised a cliffhanger for the ending but were disappointed when they heard the show would not continue production until the quarantine period is over. Although Gustin confirmed in an interview, the series would deliver what had been promised. The last episode will end as a cliffhanger of some sort but no one is sure what it will be.

The original ending of The Flash Season 6

Since the season was supposed to have 22 episodes, the production house had also planned a fabulous ending for the show. CW revealed that the show would’ve ended in a Reverse-Flash cliffhanger. Grant Gustin, who plays Flash, said that the original ending would have a Thawne cliffhanger but urges fans not to be disappointed. Although it isn’t as great as the original ending, it is a pretty good ending for a finale.

Gustin also confirmed that they had finished shooting for 20 episodes out of the 22, but episode 20 will not be aired. The reason for this has not yet been given but this is all we know about the original ending.

Earth is Rebuilding in The Flash Season 6 Winter Premiere Promo

What does this mean for the future of Flash?

Do not worry Arrowverse fans, for production will resume after the lockdown is over which means that the promised episodes are on its way. This means it is a little delayed but rest assured this is not the end of Flash. The last two installments for the episodes will be shot when production is resumed.

There is a list of loose ends to be tied up. The show ended with Iris being abducted and trapped in the mirror dimension. Barry working with the criminal organization, and a fake Flash roaming all over the city. The latest episode will see the return of Sue Dearborn, the wife of Elongated Man. The return of Rag Doll who was last seen in Season 5 has also been predicted.

Episode 19 of the “The Flash” Season 6 will air on the 12th of May on CW. Save the date Arrowverse fans, it’ll be a long time before you see Flash again.


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