The End Of The F***ing World Season 3: Are We Getting It or Not?

‘The End of the F***ing World’ is a dark comedy based on the 2013 graphic novel of the same name by Charles Forsman.

The series follows two emotionally isolated teenagers, James (Alex Lawther) and Alyssa (Jessica Barden), as they form a bond and attempt to flee together, which results in a sequence of misadventures.

James is certain that he is a psychopath, and after slaughtering several animals for the sheer thrill of it, he chooses to direct his macabre proclivities onto a human being. He settles on Alyssa, a rebellious, cheeky girl who carries her baggage.

When she suggests they run away together to escape her turbulent home life, James agrees to intend to find a means to get rid of her. While on a road trip across England, they become involved in a series of violent occurrences that become progressively sinister as their search progresses.

The series immediately gained cult status and received widespread critical acclaim for its astute writing, flawless execution, superb performances, and intricate subject matter.

Originally produced for the Channel 4 network, the sitcom was acquired by Netflix in 2018 and immediately drew millions of viewers who fell in love with the show’s premise.

Although the prospects of a second season were close to none, supporters were delighted to receive it, which fueled their anticipation for another excursion. Since the show’s second season, fans have wondered: Will there be a third season of ‘The End of the F***ing World’? Let us find out!

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Will There Be a Season 3 of The End of the F***ing World?

Season 2 appears to be the final installment of the F***ing series. Before the publication of season 2, author Charlie Covell stated that she had no intentions to create a third season of The End of the F***ing World.

“I doubt you’ll get another series… I believe that sometimes it is beneficial to halt things, and I hope you will agree when you see the conclusion.”

“I believe you can push things further, but this feels like the end. Apologies, “According to Digital Spy, Covell informed the press.

It’s such a shame that the award-winning series is nearing its conclusion, but it appears as though nothing can change Covell’s mind at this point.

When Can We See The End of the F***ing World Season 3?

Season 3 is unlikely to materialize unless Covell reconsiders and decides to pick up the series.

However, that appears improbable at the moment. It’s been two years since season 2 premiered on Netflix internationally, and Covell has remained adamant about her choice.

Covell is now working on the script for Kaos, a Netflix original series based on Greek and Roman mythology. Therefore, let us wait until Netflix makes an official announcement. Who knows, we might yet get to watch season three of ‘The End Of The F***ing World.’

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What is the plot of The End of the Fucking World?

James, a seventeen-year-old adolescent, believes he possesses the hidden characteristics of a psychopath. He has been killing animals as a hobby since he was a boy, and when he grows tired of the boring practice, he decides to step up his game — and this time, focuses his attention on a human.

James has set his sights on his classmate Alyssa, a loudmouthed, rebellious 17-year-old. Alyssa, on the other hand, is dealing with her issues. She sees in James a path out of the chaos of her household and proposes that they flee together.

James views this as the best opportunity to secure his first victim. However, on their road trip across England, the pair develops a romance marked by a sequence of accidents.

In season 1, James and Alyssa search for the latter’s estranged father, who reveals himself as a useless scrounger.

the end of the f world season 3

The couple then takes refuge in a residence they assume is deserted. However, the owner reappears unexpectedly, and to make matters worse; he is a serial killer.

When the assailant attacks Alyssa, James defends her by assassinating him. As a result, the pair escapes the scene, and DC Noon apprehends them after Alyssa’s father notifies the officers of their whereabouts.

After his arrest, James confessed to everything and maintained Alyssa’s innocence.

However, the latter attempts to save her newfound love interest by assassinating DC Noon and fleeing James. However, James strikes Alyssa to prevent her from fleeing and proceeds to the shore. This is the point at which we hear a gunshot, and everything goes dark.

According to star Lawther, the previous ending scene “made it more improbable that James would survive.” I adore [the chosen finale] because it implies the possibility of a second season.” And, indeed, a second season has been ordered, with our lead performers reprising their roles as protagonists.

Additionally, Lawther stated that creating another installment will allow Charlie Covell to personalize the show. “It would provide [her]…with an opportunity to explore something from her imagination,” he explained. I would be delighted about that, as I believe she is brilliant.”

Season 2 begins “two years later, with Alyssa still grappling with the aftermath from the first series’ events.” Is James going to return? Yes! In all his grandeur, he’s about to go on another round of mishaps with his equally strange companion.

Thanks to a new and innovative idea, the second season is even more fascinating than the first. It takes place in a world where two of our favorite characters are on the road, completing a task in an unfamiliar area. As a result, wherever the story takes place, the two will be present — someplace.

Yes, the plot thickens. However, we believe it is prudent to avoid more spoilers. Watch the series to get a taste of this great show, which has received worldwide acclaim for its writing, execution, subject matter, and performances by Lawther and Barden. It was nominated for the Best Drama Series category at the 2018 British Academy Television Awards.

Trailer for The End of the Fucking World Season 3

While we await news on season 3, you can watch the official trailer for ‘The End Of The F***ing World’ season 2 below.

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