The Alienist Season 3

The Alienist Season 3 Release Date: Confirm or Cancelled! Check Here!


‘The Alienist is TNT’s critically praised historical drama based on the Caleb Carr novels. The thriller initially launched as a limited series. Still, due to the overwhelming audience reaction, the makers decided to create a sequel based on Carr’s written sequel to his first book in the Kreizler series. 

The second season, titled ‘Angel of Darkness,’ also received positive reviews. However, since it concluded after such a limited run, viewers were left wondering whether ‘The Alienist’ might have spawned another installment. However, there may be some good news in store!

The Alienist Season 3 Release Date

Season 2 of ‘The Alienist,’ dubbed ‘The Alienist: Angel of Darkness,’ premieres on TNT on July 19, 2020. It concluded its eighth episode on August 9, 2020, after broadcasting two consecutive Sundays. 

The channel has not yet made an official announcement on the show’s renewal. However, the team teased about the possibility of a future version. 

“We need to wait for Caleb Carr to write a third novel,” showrunner Stuart Carolan said at the TCA panel shortly before the second season’s two-part conclusion. As far as I am aware, he is now working on the third book, so we will have to wait and see” — as reported by Deadline.

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In terms of the Kreizler book series, the next novel has already been published: ‘Surrender, New York.’ However, in this case, the events occur in modern New York City. 

Thus, if TNT adapts this specific novel for television, it will function more like a spinoff than a continuation of the show’s present narrative. We will not encounter any of the current protagonists. 

Dr. Trajan Jones will be the narrative’s protagonist, who Dr. Laszlo Kreizler inspires. As a result, our fan favorites may only appear in flashbacks.

As a result of Carolan’s statement, we must wait for Carr to complete his current book, set in the same period as the show’s first two parts. 

Once a new season is ordered, ‘The Alienist’ Season 3 is expected to broadcast no early than 2022. A lengthier schedule is a no-brainer, given that the book on which it may be based has not yet been published.

The Alienist Season 3 Plot

The second season of ‘The Alienist’ centers on a baby abductor who is also a child killer. Laszlo Kreizler, Sara Howard, and John Moore can find her down in the end, despite countless deaths, attempted murders, and terrible secrets. 

While the group is wrapping up the investigation, Kreizler departs for Vienna, and John and Sara divorce due to John’s fiance’s pregnancy. Because each season is self-contained, the next issue will focus on a new case. 

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Caleb Carr’s new book’s narrative will determine the fundamental mystery. However, the unresolved personal issues should be continued in a possible third chapter.

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