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Slow Horses Season 2 Release Date Confirmed For Dec 2022: Everything You Need To Know

Most of the details were kept under wraps during the first season, but now we know when we can expect the second season to premiere.

If you watched the whole first season of Slow Horses on Apple TV Plus, the trailer for season 2 was a nice surprise at the end. It showed that Slough House would be back sooner than many fans probably thought. Well, the new season of the original Apple TV Plus show is almost here, and we’ve got everything you need to know about it.

Rotten Tomatoes says that both critics and viewers liked the first season of Slow Horses. The show got a 94% from critics and an 87% from viewers. You can read What to Watch’s review of Slow Horses here. Along with Apple TV Plus’s most popular show, Ted Lasso, the show is one of a recent string of well-received new shows like Severance, The After Party, and Pachinko.

What will the Slough House team do next? Here’s everything we know about the second season of Slow Horses.

Slow Horses Season 2: Release Date Details

After teasing that Slow Horses season 2 would be out before the end of 2022, Apple TV Plus has confirmed that the new season will start on Friday, December 2 around the world.

The first two episodes of the second season are included in the premiere. With six episodes, the season 2 finale of Slow Horses should come out on December 30.

Slow Horses Season 2: Cast Details

Olivia Cooke won’t be in season two for the reasons listed above unless the adaptation of Mick Herron’s book Dead Lions is a lot looser than Slow Horses was. But your other favorites from Slough House and Regents Park are all there and wrong:

• Jack Lowden as River Cartwright
• Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb
• Saskia Reeves as Catherine Standish
• Christopher Chung as Roddy Ho
• Dustin Demri-Burns as Min Harper
• Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa Guy
• Kristin Scott-Thomas as Diana Taverner
• Jonathan Pryce as David Cartwright
• Freddie Fox as “Spider” Webb
• Samuel West as Peter Judd

The story of Antonio Aakeel’s Hassan and his captors is over unless the writers are playing very fast and loose. Rade erbedija is one of the new cast members for this season. We think he will play Nikolai Katinsky, a former Russian agent.

We also expect to hear soon about Marcus Longridge and Shirley Dander, who join Slough House in the second book.

Variety says that Aimee-Ffion Edwards from Peaky Blinders and Kadiff Kirwan from This is Going to Hurt have been cast in the show. Those two roles would be a natural fit for them.

Slow Horses Season 2: Plot Details

Slow Horses is based on Mick Herron’s Slough House series of spy books. These books are about a group of disgraced MI5 agents who work together in an unlikely way to save the day. Slow Horses, the first book, was the inspiration for Season 1. (opens in new tab).

The second season of Slow Horses will be based on the second book in Herron’s series, Dead Lions. This makes sense (opens in new tab). Here is what Apple TV has to say about the new season:

“In season two, long-buried Cold War secrets come to light and threaten to bring chaos to the streets of London. When a meeting with Russian bad guys goes wrong, our hapless heroes must put aside their own flaws and step up their spy game in a race to stop something terrible from happening.”

Trailer Of Slow Horses Season 2

The official trailer for Slow Horses season 2 has come out, and it shows that the mystery of this new season is about Russian sleeper agents who might be waking up and planning an attack. Watch the trailer right down below:

As we said, the end of season 1 of Slow Horses on Apple TV also had a teaser for season 2, which you can also watch here:

There will be some scenes that take place during the day, which is something to keep in mind since almost all of season 1 took place during a single night. Also, Lamb and Cartwright talked a lot about Moscow rules in the first season, and it looks like they’re about to play someone who only plays by those rules.

Slow Horses: How to Watch

All of the episodes from the first season of Slow Horses are now available to watch only on Apple TV Plus. Season 2 will only be available to people who have Apple TV Plus. This means that you have to sign up for Apple TV Plus if you want to watch Slow Horses.

Apple TV Plus is sold in the US, the UK, and many other countries around the world. It costs money every month to subscribe, but new subscribers can try it for free for seven days, and anyone who buys a new Apple product can try it for free for three months.

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