Why Did Shannon Ruth Accuse Nick Carter Of Sexual Exploitation? Reality Behind It!

Lawyers and the alleged victim said Thursday that Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter is being sued for sexual abuse. Shannon “Shay” Ruth, 39, was accompanied by her lawyers at a news conference in Beverly Hills on Thursday. She talked tearfully about the alleged 2001 incident in which Carter raped her after a Backstreet Boys concert in Tacoma, Wash. when she was 17 years old.

Why Did Shannon Ruth Accuse Nick Carter Of Sexual Exploitation? Reality Behind It!

Nick Carter accused of raping underage autistic fan with cerebral palsy and  leaving bruises on her body | The Sun

Ruth said that the event had changed her life in a way that would last. Ruth said, “Because Nick Carter raped me, I have been in pain, confusion, anger, shame, and self-harm for the last 21 years.” She also told other people who might have been hurt by Carter to come forward.

Ruth talked about what happened in 2001 and said that Carter invited her to his tour bus after the show when she was in line to get an autograph. Ruth has autism and cerebral palsy. She said that Carter gave her “VIP juice” and then sexually assaulted her on the bus.

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The lawsuit also says that Carter gave Ruth HPV, and a court document says that three unnamed “Jane Does” say he beat them up and gave them HPV. Michael Holtz, Carter’s lawyer, said in a statement that the accusation was “not only legally baseless but also completely false.”

Holtz said, “Unfortunately, Ms. Ruth has been tricked into making false accusations against Nick for several years, and these accusations have changed many times and in important ways over time.” “No one should be fooled by a publicity stunt that an ambitious lawyer sets up. We have no doubt that the courts will quickly see that this claim is completely false.”

Mark Boskovich, Ruth’s lawyer, said that Ruth was a virgin at the time of the alleged incident. The civil suit seeks both punitive and compensatory damages in the form of money. Ruth said, “I hope that this will make Nick Carter stop beating and raping more women.”

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