Who Is Shannon Shay Ruth Who Has Accused Nick Carter Of Raping And Giving Her HPV

A young autistic music lover with cerebral palsy has made serious claims against Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter.

Carter doesn’t believe Shannon “Shay” Ruth’s claim that he sexually assaulted her when she was a teenager on his tour bus in 2001. Ruth made this claim 39 years ago.

Who Is Shannon “Shay” Ruth?

Shannon, who lives in Clark County, Nevada US sued the singer in civil court on Thursday, December 8, 2022. Page Six got court papers that show she is suing the former pop star for sexual battery.

During a tearful press conference that was live-streamed on Facebook, she and her lawyers said, “The last 21 years have been full of pain, confusion, frustration, shame and self-harm because Nick Carter raped me.”

“Even though I’m autistic and have cerebral palsy, I think Nick Carter’s actions and words have affected me more than anything else.”

“Carter tried to scare me into silence by being mean and threatening,” she said about the Backstreet Boys singer. “He left bruises on my arm.”

She wiped her eyes and said, “I felt like I had nowhere to go and no way to show how I felt.” And I really think that if I had told anyone, I would have gone to jail.

“I had a hard time not blaming myself for getting on the bus with Nick. “I came forward and filed this lawsuit because I don’t want Nick Carter to hurt more teens and women.

She said that she “knows” other women have similar stories and that she wants to “hold Nick Carter accountable.”

Shannon Ruth Accused Nick Carter Of What?

The court papers say that Nick invited Shannon to his tour bus after a concert in Tacoma, Washington while she was waiting in line to get an autograph.

Nick allegedly asked Shannon if she wanted a drink. When she said she wanted apple juice he allegedly told her he had cranberry juice instead and gave her a “red drink.”

Ruth said the drink which Nick called “VIP juice,” didn’t taste right, but she drank it anyway even though she wasn’t old enough to do so and didn’t want to.  She now thinks it was a mix of alcohol and cranberry juice.

Who is Shannon "Shay" Ruth? | The US Sun

She said that Nick took her to the bathroom on the bus and told her to do oral s*x on him.  She said she was crying during the whole thing, but he didn’t stop.

She then said that Nick took her to a bed on the bus and continued to hit her. She said that after the attack, she said she would tell people what he did.

The documents say that he said he would turn people against her and that they wouldn’t believe her because she was a “r******d little bitch.”

The alleged victim, who was a virgin at the time, said in the lawsuit that she got HPV after the alleged crime and is trying to get money for it.

Has Nick Carter said Anything About The Claims?

Michael Holtz, Nick Carter’s lawyer, said in a statement, “This claim about an event that supposedly happened more than 20 years ago is not only legally baseless but also completely false.

“Unfortunately, Ms. Ruth has been tricked into making false claims about Nick for a few years now. These claims have changed a lot and more than once over time.

“No one should be fooled by an opportunistic lawyer’s publicity stunt. There is no truth to this claim, which we are sure the courts will quickly figure out.”

Nick hasn’t said anything to the public yet.

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