Who Is Deuxmoi? The Identity Behind The Anonymous Gossip Account Is Revealed

If you remember how it felt to find out who Gossip Girl was or who Lady Whistledown was on Bridgerton, you can understand how Insta-lovers feel right now. The identities of the people behind the well-known Instagram gossip guru DeuxMoi may have finally been found out.

Brian Feldman has published a report on BNet in which he examines the history of an account with 1.5 million followers. Feldman delved deeply into DeuxMoi, but he’s not the only one who’s been curious about the group’s true identity. Even Haily Bieber is playing detective…

The rumors regarding DeuxMoi’s identity began some time ago, so let’s learn more about the report.

Who Is Deuxmoi?

DeuxMoi is a fake Instagram account that posts gossip about famous people. They often talk about where celebrities have been seen and who they were with. Most of the time, people contact DeuxMoi with pictures or information about famous people and ask to remain anonymous. The account then posts the gossip on their Instastory.

In an interview with the magazine 2020, DeuxMoi said that the site went live in 2013. At first, it was a fashion blog that two friends ran. The page hasn’t said anything about Brian Feldman’s report or confirmed who the account holders are.

Feldman said in a newsletter from the ex-New York Magazine reporter that Meggie Kempner is one of the founders of the DeuxMoi. Nan Kempner, a well-known person in New York City, is Meggie’s grandmother. In 2014, DeuxMoi had a whole pinboard on Pinterest that was all about Nan.

When the account was new, model Kristina Romanova posted something on Instagram and tagged @deuxmoi and someone who goes by @mkempsyo. Feldman found out that @mkempsyo is a businesswoman in the fashion industry whose name is Meggie Kempner.

Since then, @mkempsyo and @mlovallo12 have deleted all of their private Instagram accounts. But their tags can still be found, which made it easy to figure out what was going on.

The TwoMoi Instagram account is also thought to be run by Melissa Lovallo. This was thought of after model Emily DiDonato tweeted in 2013: “I am loving your blog @gizroc75 blog! It’s amazing to take a look, guys! deuxmoi.com.”

In 2015, Au Revoir Les Filles sent out a tweet that seemed to point in the direction of Lovallo. It said, “Great chat with Melissa @deuxmoigals. You’re doing what you love, so keep it up, girl! ”

The Identity Of Instagram’s Gossip Girl Has Been Confirmed By Hailey Bieber

In 2020, Hailey Bieber revealed on Instagram that she had determined the true identity of DeuxMoi. After Bieber liked Pop Crave’s most recent post it appeared they had cracked the code regarding the identities of DeuxMoi.

DeuxMoi is currently working on their debut novel a fictionalized memoir titled Anon Pls. The story follows a fashion worker who gains anonymity and fame through a social media account resembling Deuxmoi.

The Focus has reached out to DeuxMoi for comment on their alleged identity reveal, but the group has not yet responded.

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