Famous Scary Games That Can't Let You Sleep Properly

Famous Scary Games That Can’t Let You Sleep Properly


One of the most popular creepy games you’ve probably played at a snooze party at some point in your life. 

It’s one of the best horror games of recent years when you realize you’re not in the room and friends are screaming desperately for help as they watch a ghostwriting book fill with words like “don’t sleep with it.”.

A mirror game that mirrors the creepiest games has become something of a sensation on Reddit, with users sharing stories of their experiences. 

Famous Scary Games That Can't Let You Sleep Properly

If you are willing to deal with its systems, you will get something unique in a genre that often sinks into equality. Amazing games interested in being exciting and disturbing are a welcome alternative to games that try to shock you. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best horror games you can play right now to keep you on your toes until the rumored reboot of Silent Hill PS5. This list includes a wide range of scary games, from more contemplative slow burners to monstrous splatter-fests. 

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Silent Hill 

Jasper Byrne has made a name by turning Silent Hill into a 2D game, but the Silent Hill influence is noticeable in his side-scrolling indie debut. 

With many twists and disturbing characters underpinned by an atmospheric score, the following story merges into a classic and clever horror game. 

It’s not a particularly long game with just over 11 hours of playtime, but it packs in a lot of good stuff in this time and will scratch the itch between the short, sharp thrills of a long open-world game. 

Resident Evil 4 

It took a while to make it playable on the PC, but Resident Evil 4 marked the culmination of the groundbreaking zombie survival horror game series, and you know it’s going to be a first-person game. 

In this sequel to Little Nightmares 2, you play a little boy named Mono who teams up with six protagonists in a classic and clever horror game to survive a terrible pale city. 

The story of the horror game Observation from Untold Studios is a science fiction thriller in which you take on the role of an AI attempting to save a space station in a crisis. 

Resident Evil 4 falls right in the juicy sweet spot between the fast-paced lo-fi zombie shoots of the early games and the hyperactive 3D action sequences we have since. 

The oppressive, eerie atmosphere and nameless rural villages through which you trump the fourth entry as one of the best Resident Evil games and one of the best horror games of all time. 

Oculus Quest

The developer made Dreadhall, the classic horror, and grandfather of VR horror games, a worthy successor and one of the best Oculus quest horror games.   

The Oculus Quest has been a massive success in VR for many reasons, but the stellar content library is one of the main contributors.

We are updating our list of 2021’s best horror games, introducing a slew of new games and classics, and adding some of the best from recent years to keep us up to date. This list has everything covered, whether survival horror action, creeping horror, or isolation from the walls – even if you’re not a fan of jump fear. 


All good horror games have one thing in common: they make your heart beat faster and give you more than a sleepless night. 

Our list of the best horror games is our way of keeping a broad overview of the genre so it’s games you can buy and play without having to search second-hand stores for a lost one. There’s a lot to look forward to in the future as horror fans release details of the game.

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