How to Learn to Teach English in 5 Steps

English is an international language spoken worldwide. This language is the master key to global communication. One can access almost every piece of information by knowing English. Therefore, it is very important to know English for a living.

People need tutors to learn English.This would be the best thing if you can teach English to the native people. Being a native speaker, you can understand the situation and teach them the way that they would understand.

By teaching this simple language, you can earn enough for yourself and your family. Also, teaching is a respectable job in every region. You can take part in social development by teaching English to the native people. Teaching English is not a hard job if you know some tricks. In this article, we will talk about 5 steps to teach English.

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How to Start Teaching English Online

Step 1: Be Fluent in English

Fluency is the base of teaching any language. You need to know the basic rules of English grammar and need to speak it fluently. You can not teach any language properly Without these skills. You can apply to any English teaching institution online, And start teaching and earn money and respect from students If you have good grammar skills

Step 2: Get Certified

You will need to get certified to prove that you are capable of teaching can not gain trust without a proper certificate, and it is quite impossible to join any teaching institution online.

So it is important to get certified before you start teaching. There are different kinds of certificates available which you can get. The most famous ones are TESL, TEFL, and TESOL. You can obtain these certificates online. Research online where you can obtain these certificates If you do not have any of them. Then earn these certificates and start teaching online.

Step 3: Stable Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is a must for online teaching.. It is impossible If you do not have an internet connection or an unstable connection. Imagine you are taking a class and suddenly your connection is lost or lagging. It is a total nightmare for a tutor. Use a stable internet connection for teaching classes. You can use pocket wifi or a smartphone’s hotspot to teach while you are traveling.

Step 4: Browse for Jobs:

  1. AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker is an online language learning platform. Anyone can learn English and Spanish, along with many other languages, without any trouble here. They have experienced tutors and online quizzes to teach English in an interesting way. It offers customized class routines of your choice. You do not have to worry about your budget because AmazingTalker offers a reasonable course. You can check their website to learn more.

  1. Reply

This is another language learning platform like Amazingtalker. Aside from English they teach many other languages. They have tutors from around the globe who are experts in teaching. You can complete different courses from them and achieve an online certificate. It is available in almost every region, so you can check their website to check the prices.


This is a website where you can teach English or other languages and earn money from it. It is a popular teaching platform among tutors. You can teach whenever and whatever lesson you want. A survey says teachers in VIPKID earn between $14-22/hr. If you think it is worth teaching on this platform, you can apply. For this process, just visit their website.

Step 5: Start Teaching!

you can start teaching without any question, If you already have the requirements mentioned above,. But if you do not have these, try to match them first. you can not teach very well without these basic things. you can contact teaching platforms like AmazingTalker and VIPKID, to start teaching. They have good policies and careers for online tutors.


In this session, we talked about why learning English is important and how everyone can learn English at home. We also discussed why teaching English is important and how anyone can teach English online. You can do it all on your own now.

You can also improve your English skills by finding online English tutors. You can also find French Tutors on Amazingtalker!


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