Sanditon Series 3 To Premiere In Spring 2023 On PBS – Here are All Details!

After the Jane Austen adaption was granted the go-ahead for a second season, this spring witnessed its long-awaited and eagerly anticipated return to the coastal town of Sanditon. With the exception of Theo James, who played Sidney Parker in the first installment, the majority of the original cast made a comeback in the most recent season.

However, the show added two additional love interests for Charlotte Heywood in his place, as well as a new love triangle plot for her sister, Alison. But, similar to the first season, a painful cliffhanger that revealed Charlotte’s love life to be in ruins was left to the audience.

Nevertheless, let’s hope that our protagonist Charlotte receives everything she merits with the arrival of season 3. Here is all the information you require for the upcoming Sanditon installment, including the anticipated release date, the trailer, the cast, and more.

Sandition Season 3 Renewal Status

Season 3 of Sanditon has been renewed.

All those who were concerned that the major cliffhangers including Charlotte’s unsatisfying decision in the finale, Colbourne’s devastating choice, Georgiana’s unexpected new information, and more wouldn’t be resolved in future season may now rest completely at ease.

When Season 2 was originally revealed in the spring of 2021, Sanditon was renewed for a third season. Bring on the romantic Regency drama and empire waist dresses!

Season 2 of Sanditon was also released on March 20, 2022. The creators of Sanditon have not provided any information on season 3. However, there is a chance of renewal. It won’t be available until 2023.

The Charlotte Heywood stories. She is eager to take in everything that the town has to offer. Later, she was surprised by the ambitious residents’ ambitions and human intrigue. She met a character named Sidney, and the two of them later develop a romantic relationship.

The Season 3 cast of Sanditon is an updated version of the seasons 2 and 1 cast. And for that reason, we will probably certainly see the same characters from this scene: Rosie Graham will portray Alison Heywood, Ben Lloyd Hughes will portray Alexander Colbourne, Tom Weston-Jones will reprise his role as Colonel Lennox, and Alexander Vlahos will reprise his role as Charles Lockhart.

Sandition Season 3 Expected Release Date

Jane Austen, an English author, left Sanditon as her last unfinished book. Just two months before she passed away in March 1817, she started writing it, and although finishing 11 chapters, it was never finished.

With his prior triumphs like War & Peace, Les Miserables, and Pride and Prejudice, historical drama king Andrew Davies adapted it for television.

In addition to developing seasons 2 and 3, Justin Young (Death in Paradise, Ripper Street), who wrote four episodes of Sanditon season 1, also served as lead writer and executive producer.


.The show’s original creator, Davies, came back to pen a number of the episodes and serve as executive producer

Season 3 is unquestionably happening because it was commissioned back in May 2021, however, we are unable to provide a specific date at this time. But you may anticipate seeing it on BritBox UK at the beginning of 2023.

We’re sorry to have to break the news to the die-hard Sanditon fans, but the third season will be the last.

Sanditon Season 3 Cast

Although the complete cast for season 3 has not yet been revealed, we anticipate that most of the leading figures from season 2 will return. These consist of:

  • Charlotte Heywood is played by Rose Williams.
  • Georgiana Lambe, played by Crystal Clarke
  • Lady Denham, played by Anne Reid
  • Tom Parker, played by Kris Marshall
  • Mary Parker, played by Kate Ashfield
  • As Sir Edward Denham, Jack Fox
  • As Clara Brereton, Lily Sacofsky
  • Alison Heywood, played by Rosie Graham
  • Alexander Colbourne is played by Ben Lloyd-Hughes.
  • Charles Lockhart is played by Alexander Vlahos.
  • Declan Fraser is portrayed by Frank Blake.
  • Captain William Carter, played by Maxim Ays

We can confirm that Tom Weston-Jones and Charlotte Spencer will not reprise their roles as Colonel Francis Lennox and Esther Babbington, respectively. Showrunner Justin Young revealed in a recent interview with Decider: “Esther has everything she’s ever wanted where we leave her in season two, in my opinion. In my opinion, Esther’s narrative is over now that she is happily married and the mother of a kid she adores.”

And while discussing Lennox, he disclosed: “I don’t believe it’s too much of a spoiler to state that I don’t think Lennox will appear again in season 3. He kind of vanished.” So that’s all then.

“I believe Esther has everything she’s ever desired where we leave her at the conclusion of season 2. In my opinion, Esther’s narrative is over now that she’s married, content, and the mother of a beloved child.

Sanditon Season 3 Plot

Season 3 of Sanditon has not yet released a narrative summary, but Justin Young, the show’s creator, has done press interviews and provided us with some information.

Following their romance in season 2 and their kiss in the penultimate episode, season 3 will continue to examine Charlotte and Colbourne’s relationship. There is, of course, a small snag because Charlotte is engaged to another man!

The season’s “sort of cliffhanger” is that Charlotte and Ralph are now engaged, according to Sanditon creator Justin Young to Decider. We will therefore encounter her there at the beginning of Season 3.

“And there is the question for season 3: Colbourne is dear to her. His affection for her is undeniable. That much is obvious. But what will happen now that she is engaged to Ralph?

When will the season 3 trailer for Sanditon be released?

Season 3 of Sanditon does not yet have a complete trailer, however, there is a brief teaser clip available that you can view here:

Although there isn’t much known about Sanditon yet, the knowledge that a third season of the historical drama is unquestionably in the works suffices for us. Bring on 2023 and Charlotte’s happy ending!

Britbox launched series two in March 2022; assuming the third season follows suit, ITV viewers can anticipate the most recent episodes to be broadcast in the summer of 2023.

Where to watch Sanditon season 3 ?

We do not have a release date for the third season of Sanditon, but we do know that it will premiere in early 2023 on BritBox UK and PBS Masterpiece in the United States.


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