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Sanditon Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, First Look And More


We can certainly say that Jane Austen has influenced many people’s conceptions of romance and drama, which explains why her works frequently find their way onto the stage or the cinema after her death.

‘Sanditon’ is a British historical play based on an unfinished manuscript by Jane Austen and was adapted by Andrew Davies for the stage.

The series recounts the adventures of Charlotte, a young woman with a lot of spirits who moves to the titular beach resort town of Sanditon. The gorgeous and slightly wild Sidney happens to cross her path as she makes her way through the social systems of the place.

Original airings of the show on ITV in the United Kingdom began in August 2019, with a subsequent broadcast on PBS beginning in January 2020.

Some critics have expressed concern over the “un-Austen-like” finale of season 1 and the use of graphic sex scenes and nudity in rewriting Austen’s work, while others have expressed support.

The show, on the other hand, has developed a significant following. Naturally, fans are eagerly awaiting word on whether or not the show will be renewed for a second season. Here’s what we know so far!

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When will the second season of Sanditon be available to watch online?

Season 1 of ‘Sanditon’ premiered on PBS on January 12, 2020, and season 2 will broadcast on PBS in 2020. The show premiered on ITV in the United Kingdom on August 25, 2019, one day before being broadcast in the United States. Season 1 consists of eight episodes, each around an hour in length.

The executive producer, Belinda Campbell, was asked about the potential of a second season in an interview with Vulture. She responded by stating, “We’ve always said, and ITV has also stated that they would want to see it picked up and carried on somewhere.”

However, the reality is that it simply did not generate enough interest. If this were to continue, we would require a new business partner. That is why the data from the United States are important, because if it goes well and people like it, then these kinds of things can happen.”

As a result, Amazon Prime Video UK has shown interest in acquiring the show for their streaming platform due to the mounting pressure from the show-saving social media campaign “#SaveSanditon,” which was launched by fans to save the show.

It has been confirmed that Sanditon season two will air on BritBox UK on Monday, March 21, 2022, just one day after its premiere on PBS Masterpiece in the United States.

So, what is the plot of Sanditon Season 2 all about?

In the final episode of Season 1, James Stringer confesses to Charlotte his emotions for her. The fire that destroys Tom Parker’s new building causes him to lose his fortune, placing Sidney in a tough position, particularly regarding his love life. Although his heart belongs to Charlotte, Sidney Campion is betrothed to Eliza Campion.

The disastrous course influences the decision that his family’s riches have gone in recent years. Charlotte is heartbroken and leaves in her carriage at the end of the season, while Sidney appears to be shaken up as the season ends.

What appears to be an unsatisfying conclusion to season 1 may be considered a cliffhanger, which might serve as the foundation for season 2.

If there is a second season, we may see even more drama since fate may lead the key protagonists back to Sanditon for a second time.

Sidney and Eliza’s relationship may be explored further in the future, given their long history together. Sidney does not have feelings for her at the time of their engagement.

Sidney Parker’s unresolved feelings for Charlotte will undoubtedly have an impact on his connection with Eliza as well as his relationship with his own family.

In the same interview with Vulture, Belinda Campbell also noted that the writers do not envisage Charlotte and Sidney ending up together in the end since they are “not that perverse.”

But, now that James has confessed his emotions to Charlotte, will there be any romantic sparks between the two of them?

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The cast of Sanditon’s upcoming second season has been announced.

Fans of the show are already aware that there will be one major cast change for the show’s second season — according to PBS, Theo James will not reprise his role as Sidney Parker.

According to the press release, this will mark the end of Sidney as a character, and the part will not be recast, and Charlotte would be treated to “an abundance of romance and adventure” in subsequent seasons.

“Although I thoroughly enjoyed portraying Sidney, I’ve always maintained that his journey came to a satisfactory conclusion for me. The shattered fairy-tale-like conclusion between Charlotte and Sidney is different, original, and quite interesting to me.

I wish the team of ‘Sanditon’ the best of luck in their future endeavors on television. “According to a press statement from PBS, James The press statement goes on to say that other casting announcements will be made shortly.

Because of this, the series’ producers are in an advantageous position, especially when show professionals – such as producer Belinda Campbell in a 2019 Vulture interview – hinted that Sidney and Charlotte would end up together by the conclusion of the season.

Rose Williams confirmed on Twitter that she would reprise her role as Charlotte Heywood, the key character of the drama, but everything else appears to be out in the air when it comes to the show’s returning cast.

Trailer for the second season of Sanditon

BritBox published a trailer for Sanditon season 2, which gives viewers a first look at Charlotte’s new love interest following her heartbreak in the previous season. The clip is available below.

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