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The OA Season 3 Cancelled: No Season 3 On Netflix – Everything We Know So Far


‘The OA’ is an American mystery comedy web series that premiered on Netflix on December 16, 2016. The show is well-known for its fantasy, science fiction, and supernatural aspects.

Additionally, the mind-bending science fiction show has been lauded for its aesthetics and future premise. It centers on a woman who inexplicably reappears after seven years of disappearance.

Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij conceived and executive produced the show. The latter also serves as the show’s director. ‘The OA’ is also executive produced by Hollywood star Brad Pitt.

The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle gave the show a good review, writing, “The OA is Netflix’s strongest and oddest original production since Stranger Things.”

It surpasses it in terms of substantive, original drama. To be sure, it is unclassifiable within the genres of drama, mystery, science fiction, and fantasy, as it straddles and blurs all of these lines. It is awe-inspiring and intelligent as well.”

Netflix dropped the show after two strong seasons. This is everything we currently know about it.

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What is the OA Plot about?

Prairie Johnson is a young woman who returns home after a seven-year absence. Her surprising reappearance is not the only miracle: everyone is taken aback when they realize Prairie is no longer blind. She also has scars on her back and adopts the moniker ‘The OA.’

While the FBI and her parents are eager to address Prairie’s abduction, she refuses to divulge what happened during her absence. Nonetheless, she gathers locals, including four high school students and a teacher.

Prairie begins collaborating with them closely, not just divulging her secrets but also detailing her entire existence. Finally, she appeals to this group for assistance, suggesting that she can assist in recovering other lost persons by opening a doorway to another reality.

While her party is confident in the OA’s talents, some parties question whether she should be viewed as a danger.

The show is so remarkable how readily it cracks the fourth wall. For instance, Prairie journeys to another world where she appears as Brit, the actor who portrays the role on Netflix.

To add to the confusion, it turns out that Brit is also an actor on set, and Brit frequently replicates Prairie’s injuries in one dimension in the other dimension as set mishaps. If the mind-bending plot does not instantly make sense, think of it as a series version of ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.’

When will The OA Season 3 premiere?

‘The OA’ Season 2 launched on Netflix on March 22, 2019. Regrettably, for viewers, Netflix announced the show’s discontinuation on August 5, 2019.

“We are very proud of The OA’s sixteen enthralling chapters and are indebted to Brit and Zal for sharing their ambitious vision and bringing it to life via their extraordinary craftsmanship,” said Cindy Holland, Netflix’s VP of Original Content. “We look forward to collaborating with them in the future on this and possibly many other fronts.”

The choice is astounding because ‘The OA’ was one of the best shows the streaming service has produced in recent years.

The only plausible explanation is that it lacked the audience numbers sought by Netflix officials. Additionally, the show’s co-creator expressed her dismay on Instagram:

While reconsidering Netflix’s decision is unthinkable, stranger things have happened in the world of television.

Thus, even though the show has been canceled, for the time being, we would not rule out its potential to be resurrected on another network. If that occurs, we will be the first to inform you of The OA season 3’s release date.

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What would have been the plot of The OA Season 3?

There are many possible outcomes for hypothetical future seasons of The OA. After only two chapters, the series’ conclusion shocked the showrunners, who were looking forward to starting production on Season 3.

Still, there is always the possibility that they will revisit the series in the future, perhaps even distantly, a la Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life or Twin Peaks: The Return. If that were to happen, here are some possible directions for Season 3:

Season 2 made its way into the multiverse, and boy, are we there! As much speculation as ardent fans made about the second season’s trajectory, few could have predicted exactly where it headed. With that in mind, it’s difficult to predict where it would go for a Season 3.

Prairie would almost certainly continue attempting to stop the terrible Dr. Hap while simultaneously traveling with him and Homer, having discovered that the three of them are a “cosmic family.”

The OA Season 3

Thus far, all three worlds we’ve explored, including the meta-Brit-Marling-the-actress reality from the final chapter, have shown to be connected or referenced to in some way, suggesting that these will be the locations of significance they constantly revisit.

We can also anticipate it being even more incomprehensible than the prior installments. As Ben-Adir previously stated to RadioTimes, “I know where it’s going to go in the following season, and it’s going to be NUTS! Unimaginable! Genuinely!

Not in any way am I attempting to sell it—insane! it’s You believe it goes there, but then it goes [begins excitedly pointing] there and there and there!” We are prepared to execute the moves, and hopefully, one day in this dimension, we will be able to travel there!

Trailer For The OA Season 3

There is no trailer for season 3. Check out the season 2 trailer for now:

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