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Sai Pallavi Statement On Kashmiri Pandits Genocide Remark Controversy

After making some controversial comments about Kashmiri Pandits leaving their homes in the 1990s, actor Sai Pallavi has spoken out to explain what she meant. The actor had earlier said that she was worried about violence done in the name of religion and said that mass migration was wrong, but so was cow vigilantism. Sai Pallavi later posted a video on Instagram that backed up what she had said. She said that it was upsetting to hear people say that mob lynching was okay.

“I don’t think any of us should be able to kill someone. As a medical student, I think that every life is important and equal. I hope there will never be a time when a child is born and is afraid of who he or she is. “I hope we’re not heading in that direction,” Pallavi said. She also said that she felt alone and confused about what she did wrong during this controversy.

She also said that she never takes sides when she talks. During an interview, she was asked if, in her personal life, she supports the left or the right. She said that she is neutral and doesn’t take sides. “We need to be good people first before we can be identified by what we believe,” she said. She also said that the movie “The Kashmiri Files” upset her because it showed how Kashmiri Pandits were killed at that time.

Pallavi said in her controversial video, “If you see this as a religious conflict, you should know that a Muslim driver who was transporting cows was recently beaten and forced to chant “Jai Shri Ram.” So what’s different between these two situations? First, we need to be good people. This kind of violence is a sin.”


Why does Sai Pallavi have red cheeks?

A major newspaper says that Sai Pallavi has Rosacea, which is why her cheeks are red. This is obviously a significant revelation that might generate a lot of attention among fans. No matter what, her rosy cheeks are a big part of why she is so popular.

Is Sai Pallavi an MBBS doctor?

Pallavi has a medical degree (MBBS) and is a doctor. She got her degree in 2016. People first noticed her when she played Malar in the 2015 Malayalam movie Premam.

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