Resort To Love Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot

Resort to Love is a 2021 American passionate drama movie. Season 1, premiered on Netflix on 29 July 2021, is Christina Milian’s another series for Resort to Love’s streaming platform. Now, fans are waiting for season 2 to happen.

We have received everything you want to know regarding Netflix’s forthcoming romantic drama.

Resort To Love Season 2 Release Date

Producers of the series haven’t come out yet with any important news about Resort to love season 2. Or, I suppose, it is too early to search into that topic. 

I expect the Resort to Love to come out; it is still to find the latest ratings, Open-end analysis, and whatsoever. 

These topics make up the choice of a return of the second season. We will have to anticipate further for approximately 3-4 months to listen regarding the news of the Resort to love season 2. 

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Resort To Love Season 2 Cast

  • Christina Milian being Erica
  • Sinqua Walls being Caleb
  • Jeremy Boado being Instagrammer
  • Tymberlee Hill will play the role of Amber
  • Jay Pharoah will act as Jason
  • Christiani Pitts being Beverly
  • Alexander Hodge being Christian
  • Karen Obilom will act as Janelle
  • TJ Power will play the role of Barrington
  • Ruth Nadler-Nir being Teen Girl
  • Kayne Lee Harrison will play the role of Cre
  • Pope Jerrod will act as Francis King
  • Christophe St-Lambert will act as Travis

Resort To Love Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer for Resort To Love season 2 yet. We will notify you when we get official news from the production side.

Resort To Love Season 2 Plot

Erica Wilson, a New York singer, is known for the release of her first song. When this album is brought down hence, Erica’s goals and song are both smashed. 

A few days later, she receives an invitation to attend a resort in Jamaica. She goes there with hopes that it will be another chance at success after all. 

Unfortunately, things do not go as planned when she realizes that her ex-boyfriend Tom has been invited. Although she tries hard to get along with him, he does not seem interested in being friends or having fun together. 

The two end up fighting over their differences on several occasions. As they continue to feud, they eventually find themselves sleeping together again, but only because neither one can stand the pain any longer. 

They decide to make a fresh start by moving into separate guest rooms so that each other could have some time alone. 

In the meantime, Erica keeps pursuing her career while also dealing with the loss of her music recording contract and the breakups from her last relationship.

The next day, Andrea calls Erica asking if she wants to meet her friend Gwen. At the same time, Gina tells Eric about yet another concert she wants them to perform at. 

It turns out that they need a new lead vocalist since Christina left the group months ago. 

After thinking it through, Erica decides to take the gig. That night, she meets Gwen and gets ready to sing at the show. While getting dressed, she notices something strange; her guitar case was gone.

Final Words

It is all about Resort To Love season 2 that you should know. I hope you like this post. Please stay connected with us for more news and information!


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