National Treasure 3 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot And All Latest News

The National Treasure privilege includes American traditional animation action experiences involving two premiered theatrical movies and a sequence book series while scheduled episodes are in production. 

The plot centers around a family of riches trappers called the Gates, who seek to protect lost valuables from the past of the USA.

It’s been longer than a decade as the National Treasure series resumed the experiences of Benjamin Franklin Gates and his cast as they revealed more of the hidden story of the United States within treasure sport, and we still don’t have a 3rd movie to experience. 

It’s not similar; there hasn’t been involved. Several people have been speaking regarding National Treasure 3 for years. 

Beginning this year, director Jerry Bruckheimer provided us the best evidence that we mustn’t give up faith on one more venture. Here is all information on National Treasure 3 that you must know.

National Treasure 3 Release Date

There is no release date for National Treasure 3 yet. But it is confirmed that 3rd film is going to happen. We don’t have an accurate release date for now. We will update this section when we receive info from the production side. So, please keep checking our website.

National Treasure 3 Cast

The cast of National Treasure 3 is as follows:

  • Helen Mirren being Dr. Emily Appleton-Gates
  • Justin Bartha being Riley Poole
  • Jon Voight will play the role of Patrick Henry Gates
  • Diane Kruger will act as Dr. Abigail Chase

National Treasure 3 Trailer

There is no trailer for National Treasure 3 yet. We will inform you when we get a trailer.

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National Treasure 3 Plot

The story follows a group of American and Chinese agents who are after the book. The search leads them to Hong Kong, where they meet with an old friend from their past – Dr. Richard Lin. 

He is currently working on his mission, trying to find out more about the book’s secrets. However, he has not been successful yet as he fails every time he tries to read the pages in the book. 

To solve this mystery, both teams must work together to prevent another disaster caused by those who want to hold the book.

This movie is based on National Treasure 2, which was released back in 2004. It also stars Simon Pegg and Jessica Biel. If you’re looking forward to seeing more movies like this one, we will give you some information regarding the film.

In 1776, Benjamin Franklin wrote a document called “The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin.” This autobiography contains many interesting facts about America’s founding fathers like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. 

But what if there were other essential documents hidden somewhere? What would happen if these secret documents came into the possession of people who did not know how valuable these documents are? 

This question is based on the new action-adventure comedy-drama thriller titled ‘The Impossible.’


It is all about National Treasure 3 that you must know. Please share this post with your friends and relatives who are fans of National Treasure and waiting for its 3rd part. Please stay connected with us for more news like this!


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