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Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne: Everything You Need To Know About Hulu Docuseries

Cara Delevingne said at a Mipcom Cannes panel this afternoon, “I’m used to being a chameleon, but this was absurd.” She was talking about the many experiments she did while making the upcoming Hulu and BBC Three documentary Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne, which has sold to 90 territories.

Planet Sex is one of Fremantle’s biggest shows being shopped at Mipcom. In it, the model, actress, and LGBTQ+ rights activist goes to seminars on masturbation, visits a porn library, and gets a blood test while having an orgasm.

She said that she was a “prude” and that she had been surprised by how hard it was for her to agree to these experiments at first. In the end, she gave in.

She also said, “I’m used to being a chameleon, but this was crazy.” “I used to think I was cool, hip, and young, but now I feel like such a prude. But in the end, I did everything that made me feel good.”

In the six episodes of Planet Sex, Delevingne goes on a trip around the world to talk about sexuality and gender. In her quest to learn more about the cultural and natural forces that shape who we are, she lives with people who have different ideas about gender and sex and meets scientists who are at the forefront of research.

The show starts later this year on Hulu and the BBC, and Fremantle CEO UK Simon Andreae said during the session that it has been sold to 90 territories, including SBS Australia, Amazon Prime Canada, and RTL in Germany.

Episodes have themes like sexual orientation, gender, and monogamy, and Delevingne said the most disturbing thing was learning about “the terrifying effect porn has on young people.” Delevingne said that she made the show so that she could “connect with people in the most real way I could.”

“My life has been lucky and I’ve had a lot of opportunities, but some people have been through much harder things,” she said. “Because of my position, I wanted to connect people in the most genuine way possible.”

The 30-year-old woman said that she wished there had been shows like Planet Sex when she was younger, and that making the show “made me realize how much I need to fix things in my life.”

She went on to say, “Kids are more grown up and mature about this conversation now than I was.” “This is a common and important subject that has been for a long time.”

Before Delevingne’s talk, a 15-minute preview of Planet Sex was shown to the Mipcom crowd. Fremantle bosses Andrea Scrosati and Jennifer Mullin spoke before her. They broke down the producer-deal distributor with Angelina Jolie.

Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne: Release Date Details

The upcoming documentary “Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne” is scheduled to come out on Hulu on November 18, 2022. It’s important to know that the documentary will first be shown in the U.S. and then in other places around the world.

But as of right now, we don’t know when people in other parts of the world than the United States will be able to watch the documentary. People who only use the online streaming service Hulu will also be able to watch the documentary on the day it comes out.

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