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Pirates of the Caribbean 6: What Will Be The Release Date?

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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is coming or not? Let’s find the answer to this question.

The Release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales in 2017 seemed to wrap up Disney’s successful, decades-long franchise. But later that year, director Joachim Running confirmed that talk of a potential sixth installment was real.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer went on to confirm these rumors a few months into 2019.

When was the first Pirates of the Caribbean released? Although commercial successes, the critical response for all subsequent films was less than that of The Curse of the Black Pearl.

The mixed responses to the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels never stopped Disney from producing more content, which was often entertaining at the least. Hints about a new movie in the series has already reignited interest in this franchise and is proving to be popular again with these rumors being spread around.

There have been rumors and speculation floating around that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise will be getting more films. Let’s review everything we know so far about this:

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 : What Will It Be About?

The release date for Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is not set and it’s unclear what the storyline will be. Back in 2020, reports from Hollywood suggested that Disney had plans to diversify the cast and include more women and people of color.

Johnny Depp has stated that he will not play the role of Jack Sparrow in future installments due to personal issues within his family, so Disney may also consider rebooting the series. In November 2017, it was announced that potential rebooted plans were cancelled.

At this moment, no cast members have been officially revealed for Pirates of the Caribbean 6. In other words, there is a lot of speculation regarding what it will entail when its released and who might appear in it.Pirates of the Caribbean 6 (3)

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Release Date

As stated above, there does not appear to be a release date set for the next Pirates of the Caribbean but we can expect that it could release in the end of 2021. There was an approximately 6-year gap between the fourth and fifth installments, and there are many considerations to think through before production can continue.

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Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Cast

One controversial aspect of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is that Johnny Depp will not be a part of the cast. The actor’s reputation has declined in recent years following scandals he got involved in, including allegations of domestic abuse. Those working on the sixth film want to keep it open whether he will return, but it is unlikely that he would have a major role.

Many of the cast members from Pirates of the Caribbean 5 are likely to return in a sixth installment, including Kaya Scodelario and possible Margot Robbie. Bill Nighy could be persuaded to return as Davie Jones.

There are many questions and few definite facts about “Pirates of the Caribbean 6.” Recently there have been multiple delays which has led me to wonder if it will be worth the franchise stretching even more than at film one or three at most. Will it be the same if we make drastic changes?Pirates of the Caribbean 6

Without Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean might not be anything like the ride we currently know and love. Though the storyline of Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is not confirmed, it would stand to reason that its either a reboot or spin-off. To incorporate pirates into the story, wouldn’t it be a completely different tale?

These questions cannot be answered without more information about this ongoing project. Is the project even happening? It seems like it might happen, given that franchises are often revived from their ashes no matter what the result is.

There is still no release date for Pirates of the Caribbean 6, but it appears Disney is working on a new project. We know better than anyone how hard it can be to wait patiently, so we will try our best. Stay tuned by checking this space every now and then for more updates!

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