The Winchester_ Supernatural prequel Release Date

The Winchesters: Supernatural Prequel Rumours, Release Date and News


The fantasy-horror-drama series Supernatural ended in 2020 after 15 seasons. Now, the program has been confirmed to get a prequel about Sam and Dean Winchester’s parents, John and Mary. The spin-off is driven by former Dean Winchester star, Jensen Ackles, and his wife Danneel.

The Winchesters: Supernatural Prequel Release Date Announcement

The Winchesters has a script commitment, which means that the CW has agreed to pay for one or more scripts to be written. With Ackles on board, it’s likely that The Winchesters will at least get a pilot. The show could take 2 years or more to make, but the creative team and the CW may be able to speed up the process because they already know each other. Robbie Thompson, who was also on Supernatural, is helping Ackles write and run the show The Winchesters.

At the earliest, they might not start shooting a pilot until next year. Ackles, who is known for his role on “Supernatural,” was just cast as “Soldier Boy” in the third season of “The Boys,” which will be shot through September. The Winchesters is more likely to start filming in the summer or fall of 2022, which would put its likely release date in the spring of 2023. If The Winchesters becomes a TV show, the first season might come out in the fall of 2023. For now, though, people only talk about The Winchesters based on rumours.

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The Winchesters Prequel Cast Details

So far, we only know that Ackles will play Dean Winchester in The Winchesters. On Supernatural, Matt Cohen played young John Winchester, and Amy Gumenick played Mary. Even though each of them was good on screen, they didn’t get many chances to show how good they were as actors. So, even though Cohen and Gumenick are now a bit older, they would be great additions to the cast if they played John and Mary when they were younger. There may also be angels and demons there. Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, Julie McNiven, who plays Anna, Matt Ward, who plays Uriel, and maybe even Lex Medlin, who played Cupid and helped John and Mary fall in love, could all come back.

The Winchester_ Supernatural prequel Cast

The Winchesters Prequel Storyline Information

Deadline claimed last summer that the Supernatural prequel will focus on Sam and Dean’s parents, but it would be “told from narrator Dean Winchester’s perspective. Officially, “The Winchesters” tells the story of how John met Mary and how they put everything on the line to save their love as well as the entire world from a looming catastrophe.

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Where to Watch The Winchesters: Supernatural Prequel

With an exclusive partnership with Warner Bros., Chaos Machine Productions’ productions will air on a Warner Bros.-owned channel or streaming service.

It will air on The CW in the United States, but the channel is in the process of being sold. It may also be accessible on HBO Max, Warner Bros.’ flagship streaming service.

The Winchesters: Supernatural prequel series Trailer (The CW)

Sam and Dean were preceded by John and Mary. As told by narrator Dean Winchester, this is the epic, unsung love story of how John met Mary and how they sacrificed everything to preserve not only their love, but the entire globe.

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